This page has a small selection of low res. images of various events we have done recenrtly

Foulksrath April 1st 2008

Well as always Foulksrath was the usual manic rush to get things sorted out. To the people who took Friday off to help set up, this was greatly appreciated. For those who don't know what Foulksrath is, allow me to explain.

Foulksrath is a tower house castle in Co. Kilkenny where we arrange a banquet and training weekend around the end of March or start of April. The castle comfortably accommodates forty people (there is not too much room to manouver in the Great hall). There is a fabulous field accross the road from the castle where we hold a training session and generally have a good laugh. 

These images are from 2008 which was the third year that we ran this event. 


  Salute Multi Period Show

National Show Center September 30th-31st 2008

Below is a link to Neill and Ciaran at Salute having a wee bit of a bash.