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I'm not brave enough to put up anybody else's blurbs or pictures without their permission so for the minute I'm just loading mine.



Hobbies- Re-enactment obviously I'm also into sci fiction, electronics and hiking

Star Sign-Aries

Occupation-Admin. i

Function in Group- A Less than helpful Monkey that patches up wounds (usually my own) and runs this messy web page temporarily. I like to think of myself as the little cartoon devil on everyones shoulders, egging people on and generally giving my conscience Louise  (my own has long since disappeared) the run around.





Neil Byrne (aka Jayne but not till we're friends)

Hobbies- Re-enactment, Reading, Carving, Writing, Tarot, Movies esp. sci-fi

Star Sign- Textbook Virgo

Occupation-Currently a lab rat in a pharmaceutical company in Newbridge. Hopefully a secondary teaching some time in the future

Function in Group- I tend to be the one who proving that you can actually run in chainmail whilst at the same time trying not to grin as I get my opponents with my favourite killshot. I hope you're wearing a box if I meet you on the field!





Marion Mc Fadden


Star Sign-

Occupation- Artist

Function In group-