Discussion end - Compliments from Sir and Friends

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Introduction and Concepts in Distance learning

What is distance learning

Explanation of Various Terms.

Glossary of Web Based learning


Practical self experience with Distance Learning?

Difference between Distance Education and Correspondence Courses

 Can skill oriented courses be covered by DE?

Technologies used in distant education

Instructional Qualities for Web Based Learning

Challenges of Web-based Learning

DE in providing medical education to non traditional students

Teacher and student qualities for distance education

Assignment - Preparation of Distance Learning Module

Evaluation of Distance Learning

Advantages and Disadvantages of e-Learning

Famous quotes

Discussion end- Compliments from Sir & Friends

Summary - Distance Learning


Discussion ended with compliments from Sir & Friends
Dr.Tejinder Singh 
It is with a great sense of satisfaction that I am writing this. The modules prepared by group are extremely well designed, informative and pedagogically effective, specially when they are maiden attempts for many of you. It has served some other useful purposes too.
1. It has brought out well that for DE, you do not have to rush to websites and computers- there is always a simple tool available right at your table to create a module.
2. A DE module requires you to build a lot on interactivity in it to compensate for the distance- however, you can very well use these techniques in your regular classes as well to make your teaching effective, enjoyable and adorable.
3. Formative feedback can play a significant role in motivating the learner and making learning long lasting.

I do hope that many (or most!) of you will use this skill to make yourself a better teacher.
Good luck.

Thanks for your encouraging words, it will keep us going and I am sure with your able guidance and apt suggestions we will be able to become better educators.

Dear Sir,Thank you very much for these nice words of encouragement.
Now we are atleast somewhat trying to be, as we should have been, being student of a teacher of your calibre.
Your help has richly & greatly helped us in our discussion due to which positive changes have occured in our routine/major activities at our work place and to whicever area we go.
You really know how to extract from a student ; what to tell and how  to bring out from us.
As advised by you we will take into account all your suggestions, which will ultimately help us in becoming bettter teacher & person.
At Faimer-Family we have learned to grow & prosper in a very unique way where people from so many disciplines are interacting together in a very-very coordial manner.
Thanks once again.

Dr Anshu
Dear Praveen, Navneet and Maya,If I were you, I would have danced the bhangra today! When the usually reticent TS deigns to compliment you so effusively, you certainly have touched his heart! Celebrate and let's have some fireworks.
As for me, I am delighted to see how the 2008s have done so much better than us and risen to the occasion. Each month, right from the one on Interactive Teaching has been such a great learning experience. Delving deep and succeeding in making us think.You did it chaps! Now keep up the good work! (Good luck with the compilations people... I'm waiting)

Anshu, Thank you for your generous compliments. But I wish to take only as much credit, as is my due.
 I want to give full credit to Praveen for being a devoted and effective moderator and to Sanjay for such valuable inputs.
 Needless to say without your enthusiasm and TS sir's mentoring, this discussion would not have gone as far as it did

Dear T.S. Sir,Thanks very much for praises and encouragement.It is beyond doubt FAIMER is making us better teachers.Before joining Faimer i had almost forgotten ,that i am a teacher.I wa mostly concentrating on clinical part.

Dear Anshu,right on BOTH the counts..it takes a lot to get a compliment from Dr TS....but when it comes....its straight from the heart and genuine.....its almost like the lead character in "Pygmalion"..i forget his name....so Class 2008 cheers and congrats..!!
Your reflections about teaching too are apt. For ex.
Nothing substitutes a good preparation before any lecture...It leaves you relaxed and free enough to improvise during the lecture...also when you have to take it at a later date SOS..you are comfortable and not red faced.
Writing down notes are tedious but they do help in the long run...although many would differ on this. I generally do this when I have formal presentations that are time bound and technical..otherwise i rely on memory.
Interactiveness is very important. Recently I had the opportunity to deliver a lecture via satellite to our medical colleges and health centres..on Malaria....it was from  a studio..sitting like a newsletter and talking to the camera rather than a heterogenous group of naughty/sleepy/serious/intelligent looking/smiling/frowning faces....!! I missed that scenario...only when I got feedback from the students on the next day, did I know how I had actually performed!
Keep going...2008...we are proud of you

We had a very good discussion on Distance Learning.
Let all of us celebrate that we made a good discussion as commented by T.S. Sir, Avinash Sir & Anshu. It was only possible because we all participated actively with full zeal & enthusiasm. There was great contribution by Sanjay throughout the month and, keeping us involved in a big way was Anshu.

We will continue our zeal & determination with double effort in our next discussion. We will keep in mind all the important suggestions given by Sir and Anshu. We will keep on improving on ourselves and apply our knowledge as advised by Sir in our own teaching-learning methodology.

It is also to be seen that we always look for formative feedback as and when possible and always look on for positive criticism.

In our discussion we learnt the basics of distance learning, its need & scope in medical education the sources in India and other places along with the fields where distance education is available.
We went in through methodologies / technologies, components of distance learning along with methods used to do the same. We saw how it is different from conventional education. We analyzed how DE differs from correspondence education.

We discussed our own practical experience with distance education course along with pros & cons. We discussed teacher & student qualities required for successful distance education. We went into the methods for testing / evaluation in distance learning.

We also saw how can the skills of DE be used for regular classroom settings and how can skill oriented courses be covered by DE. We discussed the advantages & disadvantages of Distance Learning.

Two most important activities that we decided to do in our discussion were

1) Videoconferencing 

2) Preparation of our own distance learning modules.

Out of these we could not do much about videoconferencing in the current month as the bandwith which we tested (  trial videoconferencing between Sanjay, myself and Suman), the signal was poor. But we know the method and Sanjay is always with us, we will arrange one more videoconferencing between maximum participation among us (those who have submitted Skypak-ID & who have webcams) as early as bandwith problem is solved.

But we worked very hard on our DL module and we will keep on modifying it and will apply it towards our teaching. I hope that more of us will submit their DL modules so that they can be assessed and scrutinised following which they can use it in their teaching.
All the best Ciraj, Sita & Kalyan for August!

 Dr Anshu
The icing on the cake will be your website on DE showcasing these modules.  Do it immediately before this euphoria dies down
I could not resist the temptation of sending Necrosis bit to other FAIMER groups and here is a reaction from PSG.
Saira banu 
 Dear PSG and CMCL FAIMERly,

Dr.Thomas, thanks indeed for sharing with us an exemplar of 'learning by doing'  of which you are a strong advocate of. 

Anshu, hearty congratulations for a brilliant effort, as you carry forward the learning to practice.
You have been a dynamic FAIMER fellow from whom we all stand to learn a lot. It is indeed a well conceived module from which the students should have immensely benefited. Curious to know how this method of teaching was received by them. Congrats once again on the good work and effort.


Dr.Supten Sarbadhikari
Dear Thomas,
Thanks are due to you (and Tejinder) for sharing with us the excellent self-learning module on Necrosis, developed by Anshu of CMCL-FAIMER Institute. Kudos to Anshu.
It also shows that Janet's efforts of inculcating among us "how to design an effective DL teaching module" has been bearing fruits.
However, the benefit may not have accrued from the listserv activities per se!
I have though a grave reservation about the module. It contains excellent images but the sources have neither been attributed, and especially, if they are copyrighted material, the explicit written permission for reproducing them for educational and non-commercial purposes has not been obtained.
With warmest regards
Dr.Thomas Chacko
Dear PSG Fellows,
A proud CMCL-FRI Director has sent this "Fellow developed product" which emerged from a monthly Listserv discussion.
I am forwarding this to you all so that some of you get inspired to produce your own "PSG-Fellow Product" so that we too can proudly show that PSG Fellows are not far behind.
It is also a reminder for those who are not active on the listserv to realaise what they are missing. Of course, its no use telling them this through the listserv!

The topic for M L Web discussion for this month at our listserv was distance learning. As part of process, many Fellows created self learning modules. I am attaching one such module for your perusal and comments. Please see this as effort of people who have had no exposure to such activity earlier and this is probably their maiden attempt.

We are proud of the benefits of Listserve and be a member of FAIMER
Dr Anshu
Thank you TS Sir for all the encouragement you give us. If I have learnt anything best from you, it is the art of leadership.
I will write to Saira and thank her. Supten had written to me personally and I did clarify that this module was entirely the result of my learning through the CMCL listserv. I have had no previous exposure to DL before this month, so the entire credit goes to the team. I have not any of Janet's DL sessions at PSG either. As far as the aspersions on copyright issues go, I have clarified before, that I made the module for myself and not for anyone else- my aim was simply to see how I could simplify a topic. I have not even used those pictures in my classes. I had no idea they would be circulated far and wide, and in any case, I have not used that module to teach anyone. This was just an example. I am aware of copyright issues, and will not use these pictures elsewhere. Hope this clears us any doubts people have.

Dear Praveen,Suman and Sajjad,
Though little late pl. accept my sincere compliments on your excellent module.As said elsewhere i admire the way your batch has been interacting, at times it is quiet overwhlming , Kudos to 2008 batch.

Dr.Tejinder Singh
That comment to me is typical of seeing the thorns and ignoring the roses. What is important here is that you applied all the principles !