Distance Learning

Compiled Resources from an Online Discussion carried out by

CMCL-FAIMER Fellows of the Class of 2008

"Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. 

You must set yourself on fire."

                                                                  - Arnold H. Glasow


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Introduction and Concepts in Distance learning

What is distance learning

Explanation of Various Terms.

Glossary of Web Based learning


Practical self experience with Distance Learning?

Difference between Distance Education and Correspondence Courses

 Can skill oriented courses be covered by DE?

Technologies used in distant education

Instructional Qualities for Web Based Learning

Challenges of Web-based Learning

DE in providing medical education to non traditional students

Teacher and student qualities for distance education

Assignment - Preparation of Distance Learning Module

Evaluation of Distance Learning

Advantages and Disadvantages of e-Learning

Famous quotes

Discussion end- Compliments from Sir & Friends

Summary Distance Learning



The CMCL-FAIMER Fellows of the Batch of 2008 had the opportunity to dive deep in the ocean of "Distance Learning" during an online discussion in the month of July 08.

This boundless and burning topic was discussed in the four weeks  under the following heads:

Planning for the months discussion was as follows:

First week (1st to 7th July)
Introduction & basics of distance learning (DL)
Need & scope of DL in medical education
National and International Sources  for DL

Second week
(8th to 14th July)
Methodologies / technologies, Type/components of distance learning 
Difference between DL and other methods like correspondence education.
Third week (15th to 21st July)
Practical experience with any distance education course
Qualities of a teacher for successful distance education.
Testing / evaluation methods in distance learning
Fourth week (22nd to 28th July)
Can skill oriented courses be covered by DE?

What are the Advantages / Disadvantages of “Distance Learning?”
Last few days (29th to 31st July)
Summary of the discussion  & Conclusion.


This website documents the process of online learning and the resources that were shared and thoughts that emerged out of the discussion.