14.   The Final Word

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 The Beginning

 01.   Introduction and Basics of OSPE/OSCE

 02.   Is OSPE glorified spotting.. 

  03.   How to set up OSCE and OSPE stations..

 04.   How to collect the answer-sheets in OSCE/OSPE from students.

 05.   OSCE reliability

 06.   Levels of competencies in evaluation

 07.   Practical experiences of OSPE/OSCE

 08.   OSCE in testing Communication and attitudes

  09   Should knowledge be accessed in OSCE/OSPE

 10.   Simulated patients

 11. Examiner training...a must to do...

12.   Standard setting in OSCE

 13.   Disadvantages of OSCE


The Final Word –

OSCE/OSPE is an assessment tool in which all possible components of clinical competence such as history taking, physical examination, simple procedures, interpretation of lab results, patient management problems, communication, attitude, ethics etc. can be tested using agreed upon check lists.

This is the most effective way of reducing the influence of examiners subjectivity and allows for evaluation in the most ideal manner.  Assessments are tools to identify areas of weakness or strength and helps to correct or develop but with our conventional methods we fail to do so.

This method provides opportunity to provide feedback to the students which goes a long way in improving learning by the students

In conclusion, OSCE/OSPE can overcome many of the flaws identified in the traditional methods of evaluation.

We all know that assessments are sign posts. Assessments drive learning.  They show where we are going…! Right or Wrong way.

And out of all the methods OSCE/OSPE provides opportunity both to the students as well as examiners to judge the direction

…..! but.. Just remember

The Moral: Any good assessment requires time, effort, people and money. Thing don’t just happening. We all need to put our head, heart and hands in it.


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Discussion Summary


Origin and evolution of OSCE

What is OSCE OSPE..

Important terminologies OSCE and OSPE

Process - OSCE and OSPE


Advantages OSCE and OSPE

Limitation OSCE and OSPE

The final words