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Limitation OSCE and OSPE

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 The Beginning

 01.   Introduction and Basics of OSPE/OSCE

 02.   Is OSPE glorified spotting.. 

  03.   How to set up OSCE and OSPE stations..

 04.   How to collect the answer-sheets in OSCE/OSPE from students.

 05.   OSCE reliability

 06.   Levels of competencies in evaluation

 07.   Practical experiences of OSPE/OSCE

 08.   OSCE in testing Communication and attitudes

  09   Should knowledge be accessed in OSCE/OSPE

 10.   Simulated patients

 11. Examiner training...a must to do...

12.   Standard setting in OSCE

 13.   Disadvantages of OSCE



Just like all methods OSCE/OSPE also has some limiting factors like-

  • One of the limitations experienced in OSCE/OSPE is that this method requires extensive planning and preparation on the part of examiners.
  • It is difficult without team effort and administrative support.
  • It requires more labor, time and resources.
  • Some people also feel that it breaks the clinical competence into fragments and we tend to evaluate our students in a fragmented manner.
  • There is risk of observer fatigue.



Discussion Summary


Origin and evolution of OSCE

What is OSCE OSPE..

Important terminologies OSCE and OSPE

Process - OSCE and OSPE


Advantages OSCE and OSPE

Limitation OSCE and OSPE

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