Date 22nd June 2012. This website explains why SiteSell is a failing business at this time (it may change but I personally don't believe that it can). I have first hand insider experience as a customer of five years standing (2007-2012). I had one of the most successful websites at SiteSell. It was in the top ten, perhaps top five, of all the sites that they hosted under their product SBI! (site build it). They claim to host 40,000 websites as at the date of this post. This is more a factual story than my opinion. Everything on this site is either hard, irrefutable fact or based on fact.

If I give an opinion it will be argued reasonably. Nothing in this site will be defamatory despite the fact that I am very angry at the treatment meted out to me by Ken Evoy and his army of moderators and minders. You will read how SiteSell is failing and has been for the past two years or more. You will read how the forums at SBI! are for the primary purpose of promoting SBI! and that you cannot criticise Ken Evoy or his methods on the forums despite there being a section for complaints.

My website is still running and it is Picture of Cats. org but it is now hosted by Hostgator.com and the interface or platform is WordPress. WordPress is a competitor of SiteSell and Ken Evoy has written one of his typically overlong articles on why his product is better than WordPress. As a person who has used both I can honestly say that WordPress is in a different league to SBI! SBI! is fourth division compared to WordPress in the first division.

This website is not about sour grapes or about seeking revenge. Yes, I am angry but I want to channel the anger into advising people who are thinking about joining SiteSell. I want to make sure they know what they are getting into. Remember Ken Evoy knows internet marketing. He thinks he is a guru on internet marketing and search engine optimisation. Note: he was a guru on SEO but is no longer because things have moved on and left Ken behind. He know asks his troops (his customers!) to do research for him. He actually asks his customers to do his fighting against Google for him too! 

Let's call internet marketing for SiteSell.com more a clever hard sell by doing the exact opposite: very subtle brain washing or indoctrination of his customers. It is hard to believe but true and I will be discussing this topics in more detail later. Ken Evoy is good at selling his product SBI! and you don't want to get in his way or undermine that process even if you do tell the truth and want to try and help when he has got it wrong and believe me has has got it wrong at 2012.

I criticised SBI! engineering and SEO on the forums and I got banned from the forums and then received a demand to move my site from SiteSell. As I said all I did was fairly criticise what SBI! was doing in an area of the forum where I was allowed to do that. The SBIers think I was asked to move my site. No I was told I had 90 days to move. Sounds a long time? You'll find out why it was not despite me moving the site faster than that. I am still repairing it and will be doing so for many months to come. I think it will take me a year.

Things to come:
  • My Time at SBI!
  • Locking You In
  • The Comfort Zone
  • Lack of Transparency
  • The Cult
  • How to Brainwash Customers
  • Using Customers to Fight Your Battles and why it failed.
  • Five Pillar Affiliate Scheme
  • Engineering Deficiencies
  • Behind the Curve on SEO
  • Ken's War Against Google
  • Ken Criticising WordPress
  • Ken Criticising Google Blogger and blogs generally
  • The SBI! Forums
  • The Politburo
  • The KGB