Sunday @ 9:30am

Sunday School is an essential time of discovering how to apply God's Word in your personal life. We offer three curriculum paths.
  1. The first path is ideal for parents with young children because the whole family studies the same Bible story and can discuss it as a family throughout the week. 
  2. The second path is for those who wish to study the Bible one book at a time. 
  3.  The third path is for all ages and is a topic based study via video in the Sanctuary.

Sunday @ 10:30am

Our Morning Service is a great time to worship with fellow believers and be encouraged through the sermon to live our lives according to the Bible. Our worship is contemporary and we encourage everyone to worship according to your preference. 

Our typical service includes: Opening Worship Song, five minutes to greet a friend and meet someone new, Worship, Offering, Sermon, and Altar Call.

Sunday @ 6:00pm

Our evening service is a more intimate, family time to hear God's word and spend time in prayer for the week ahead. Child care is not provided and parents are encouraged to bring quiet games, puzzles, and coloring books for their children.

Wednesday @ 6:30pm

Our adult service in the sanctuary studies a Biblical topic and then breaks into small groups to discuss how to apply it to our lives and encourage one another in our Christian walk.

Women's Ministry

Our Women’s Ministry meets bi-monthly and serves in the church through their hospitality ministry, supporting the Gloria Gemma Hope Bus for Breast Cancer, and community outreach to name just a few.   

Prayer Group

Our intercessory prayer group meets every Wednesday night at 5:30p to unify in prayer for the needs of the church and community. Our Women’s Ministries prayer chain is ready to pray for immediate needs as soon as they are received.  

Outreach Teams

We strongly believe that God has not called us to be good people who come to church once a week  but to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ by meeting the tangible and spiritual needs of the person.  Each ministry at First Assembly of God strives to incorporate outreach into its yearly itinerary.  As a church, we partner with local non-profits both financially and physically to serve the needs of our communities.

Worship Teams

Adults with musical gifts and talents are encouraged to be a part of our Sunday morning or Sunday evening worship teams, special music, or adult choirs for Christmas or Easter. This ministry also provides music for special events and practices weekly.