Project Definition


Due to the recent increase in military activity, the need for information, resources, and support have increased as well. We deem it necessary to form an organization that provides a positive, supportive environment for military spouses, significant others, children, family, and friends. It is our mission to introduce these individuals to others who share in their experiences and have similar goals for the organization. There are no barriers and the goal is to provide a strong, supportive community for every member.

The Purpose (Mission)

To ensure that spouses, children, family and friends of veterans are aware of all resources at Texas State.  To provide support for one another at home and on campus, while providing a positive environment for expressing feelings and concerns.  To support our troops, families, and student veterans. 

This is our criteria.

Membership is reserved for Texas State University spouses, children, family, and friends of the military.  This is a non-political organization and members will focus on support for our troops and for one another.

 All applicants’ affiliation with Texas State University will be verified.

 This organization is open to all qualified members regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability.   


Duties/ Dues

It is the duty of each member to represent Texas State University- San Marcos to the best of their ability.  It is also the duty of each member to support fellow members, troops, and veterans of the military (student or otherwise). 

 Any member violating the constitution, or committing conduct unbecoming of the organization will be subject to a review of his/her membership.  The final decision will be determined by a majority vote of the organization’s officers. 


Ten dollars a semester is requested to help fund community service projects, fundraisers, and donations for the organizations multiple causes. 


Regularly scheduled meetings will be held once a month.  For important discussions or activities, more meetings may be called.  Time, location, and dates of meetings will be decided by the faculty sponsor and officers.  Officer meetings will be held bi-weekly or when deemed necessary.