Faeryway...A concept created by Millie Harper



Hi Mom 

Here is your new Faeryway web site. It's very easy to edit. You don't need to install software in your  computer. Just log-in at http://www.googlepages.com You can use more advanced features as you progress. You can try some of the fun  and interesting "gadgets" found at the bottom of the googlepage edit page.

You can also use a single web site to serve both http://www.millieharper.com and http://www.faeryway.com 

You can also receive email under the new accounts. I set it up so a message sent to anything@faeryway.com will  be relayed to your regular account. There is no need to log-into the new account to receive your mail.

 Have fun, James and Dad

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 Millie's entry...

Contact Millie at millie@faeryway.com  (This can be auto- forwarded to your regular Bestweb  or Yahoo email account)