Honors and Awards

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    (Nov.7th, 2014) 
    Hot Topics in the BSI Research, “Cortical brain responses for reducing impairments in post-stroke patients” (Link)
  • (May.28st, 2014) Research Highlight in Alkhaleej newspaper. Public news in UAE (Link)
  • (May.21st, 2014) Invited speaker: Large-Scale Brain Network: A neuro-computational model of higher order cognitive mechanisms. 4th Cog sci Seminar, United Arab Emirates University. Al Ain, UAE (Link)
  • (May.20th, 2014) Keynote speaker: Neural Synergy: The future of motor function development and recovery. 2nd Cognitive science day, United Arab Emirates University. Al Ain, UAE (Link)
  • (Feb.2014) Research Highlight, RIKEN website. (Striking the right balance with muscle control: Modeling reveals how the central nervous system systematically chooses optimal muscle responses to maintain balance). (Link)
  • (2014) Alnajjar, F. 2014. Muscle Synergy Indices for (posture response) skil classification. Japan Patent Application. Patent Pending.
  • (2014) Alnajjar, F. 2014. Self-Support Rehabilitation System. Japan Patent Application. Patent Pending.
  • (Feb.2014) Invited for a keynote lecture entitled: The Future of Robot in Neuro-rehabilitation, Invited by the Engineering Department, Sharjah University, United Arab Emirates (link)
  • (Nov.2014) Invited for a keynote lecture entitled: The Future of Human Health and Rehabilitation. Invited by the IEEE UAE Robotics and Automation Society Chapter. (Link)
  • (2013~) Member in European project entitled "smart wearable robot with bio-inspired sensory-motor skills".
  • Program Committee Members in Hybrid Special Session on Computational Intelligence for Cognitive Robotics, IJCNN, 2012~ IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence. 
  • (May.2011) Invited for a keynote lecture entitled "The brain mechanisms and the Idea of Artificial Neural Network and its applications", by suntechno (http://www.sanyu-group.com/suntec/).
  • Winner of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship Program for Foreign Researchers (FY 2011-2013). (http://www.jsps.go.jp/english/e-fellow/data/gaitoku23-1e.pdf)
  • Invited to organized a workshop  entitled  "Japan Advanced Robotics Research Workshop" in the Higher College of Technology HCT, Dubai College, Dubai, UAE (18th~19th of Jan. 2011). 
  • Winner of a travel grant given to uppe 15% of best submission to the 16th International Conference onNeura Information Processing (ICONIP 2009), Bangkok, Thailand. (http://wiki.cse.cuhk.edu.hk/APNNANEW/awards)
  • Invited to a Group Discussion as a Young Scholar by the Higher Technical Colleges (HTC) in the "Festival of Thinker", AbuDhabi, UAE (Nov. 1 ~ Nov. 4, 2009)(http://fot.hct.ac.ae/fot2009/). 
  • Invited as a Presenter by the Higher Technical Colleges (HTC) in the Education without Border (EWB09), Dubai, UAE (Mar. 29th ~ Apr. 1, 2009). (http://ewb.hct.ac.ae/news/education-without-borders-2009-acclaimed-a-great-success/
  • An adviser for Fukui Association for Cultural Exchange, Fukui city, Japan (Oct. 2008~..).
  • An adviser for the Executive Committee of Muslim Student Associations - Japan (2007~..)  http://msaj.info.
  • Winner of Student Travel Grant from IEEE Computational Intelligence Society 2008 (WCCI 2008)
  • The Secretary of University of Fukui International Student Association (UFISA) (2008~ March 2010)
  • Recognized in Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 10th Anniversary Edition 2008/2009 & Marquis Who's Who in World 2008/2009
  • The best student master research topic (2006) University of Fukui  - Japan
  • The 2nd best Student Paper Award SCIS&ISIS2006 Tokyo/Japan
  • Winner of Japanese Government Scholarship (2004~2010)
  • The Chairman of the Board of Undergraduate Engineering Students- Ittihad Univeristy(2000~2002).