Fade to Read began on 1/18 at 1:18 pm. This program, which is based on many similar programs around the country, came about when two teachers came together with a mission of increasing reading achievement of the young scholars in their community. They are committed to doing this by strengthening the reading identities of the young male scholars in their surrounding communities and by instilling an inherent love of reading. This mission will be achieved by providing local barbershops with books for our young scholars to to read while they are receiving their "fades" (haircuts). 

Mission: To improve the academic and professional outcomes of black scholars by instilling the love of reading, the importance of reading and the power of reading through providing high quality and culturally reflective books in barbershops.

Vision: With the support of our families, schools and communities, all children will read with a sense of love and power. 

When you are well read and well groomed you are well prepared for success!