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thinking about asking for 'donations' for my music. doesn't seem too unreasonable at first.

i don't really like the idea of doing this as just a hobby for the rest of my life.  i kind of started like that, but recently i've been putting more time into making tracks.  i've found a few places that will host my music for free and one or two that might sell it online.  of the two options, free always sounds better. 

 for now, there is no way to donate and support apple eaten... so don't look. a friend recommended cdbaby... and there's a couple of groups that represent labels for electronic distro... maybe eventually. the only problem is that everyone wants money up front. kind of ironic that i'd be asking for the same from listeners.

sites like the ones in the top right corner where i link to my songs use advertising to make money.  none of them charge me for anything.  why shouldn't i use that instead of  anything else to distribute my music? with just a few songs that i'd consider remixing for an eventual CD it's convenient. later on it'll still be useful for posting ideas and early mixes. 

anyway, if you want to get in touch with me about this or my music try using myspace to send a message.  tagworld is probably where i'm going to put most of my free songs after i fill up myspace.  maybe i'll use tagworld to store older tracks when i finally put a few new ones up on myspace. and are pretty thin too. so if you don't see an older track on tagworld, maybe try there. i'll  also update this  when i eventually post a few songs to soundclick.

thanks to google for providing the space to put this page.


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something considered 

  it's been a few years, more like ten, since i started working on producing original music.

  there are a few of my songs out there as 'apple eaten'. more of my work, from a first attempt, is on the web as 'vodka on the lawn'.

  it's kind of funny... . i check my own music(posted) fairly frequently. i like to know that it sounds ok. i also sometimes need a reminder of what's already online. one thing i notice, those song and page counters don't ever seem to work. don't get me wrong, i haven't shelled out any money to post songs..., but still. my favorite is the track 'wait' over at tagworld. officially it's never once played. the nice thing about tagworld though, all the songs stream on loading the page.

update: tagworld deleted me. probably from lack of  song plays.