New York City

Google NYC

Long ago, the 17-story building at 76 Ninth Avenue housed the original headquarters of the Port Authority of New York – the hub of the region's massive transportation activities. So it's only fitting that Google, whose mission is to make the world's information universally accessible, chose this 2.9 million square foot modern office building and retail center – the second largest building in Manhattan – as its New York base. Situated in the city's historic Chelsea district just a few blocks from the center of the U.S. media universe, Google New York is the company's North American Advertising Sales headquarters, our largest engineering center outside of Mountain View, and a full-service engineering R&D center. 

Here, we occupy more than 300,000 square feet and employ more than 2,000 people, including software engineers, system administrators, site reliability engineers, technical writers, quality engineers, test engineers, user experience researchers and product managers with a wide array of backgrounds and experiences. We also have employees working in human resources, finance, legal, facilities, marketing, communications, business development and corporate development. 

Our engineers work on a range of projects including search and advertising quality, Web applications, infrastructure and application backends, research and much more. Our Direct Sales Advertising teams support several industries that drive New York's economy, including retail, media and entertainment, finance, travel, automotive and consumer/packaged goods. Google sales representatives offer products such as AdWords, AdSense, Google Mini and Google Checkout to Fortune 5000 companies throughout the country. Additionally, the New York office launched our print advertising beta product and our television advertising group.

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