Do you struggle to keep track of all your favorite Web sites and other online resources? Would you like to share the links to your favorite online resources with your colleagues or students? Social bookmarking is a technique of storing, classifying, sharing, and searching links through the practice of folksonomic tagging. This hands-on session will introduce the popular social bookmarking tools and CiteULike and explore several practical applications for implementing social bookmarking in the classroom. 

Session Objectives:

  • Explain the value and rationale for social bookmarking
  • Explain what RSS is and how it can save time
  • Create personal social bookmarking accounts on and CiteULike
  • Begin bookmarking online resources
  • Discuss educational uses for social bookmarking 





  • Access your online favorites from any internet connection
  • Syndication + Aggregation
  • Share favorites with other "friends" in your network while keeping selected favorites private
  • See popularity of a resource
  • Manage volume of favorites
  • Archive of favorites in "the cloud" for safekeeping
  • Share dynamic lists of resources by tag

Steps to Getting Started:  

  1. Sign-up for free account
  2. Bookmark online favorites
  3. Add other users to your network


  • Different individuals bookmarking the same online resource using different tags
  • Multiple individuals using shared tags to bookmark online resources
  • Using tags as an index for bookmarked pages


  • Academic resource sharing
  • Literature reviews source archives
  • Group projects and activities
  • Web quests
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