A Colloquium

...for exploration and dialogue

at The University of Maine, Orono from May 20-22, 2011


The primary purpose of this gathering is to explore the relevance of Franco-American cultural identity today. Where does one find Franco American culture today? Is it meaningful? How might we use these traditions to address modern-day questions?

Our Goal

is to create a community interested in cultural sharing.


Our aim is to open up dialogue around Franco American identity in order to explore the ways in which cultural patterns continue to inform (and perhaps haunt) our communities, our lives, and our art.  We have organized readings, performances, exhibits, and panel discussions by Franco American artists, storytellers, musicians, and writers as points of departure. 

We welcome anyone who is interested and willing to join us in these conversations.


Confirmed participants

Ron Currie, Jr.

Suzanne Germaine

Abby Paige

Michael Parent

Susan Poulin

Josée Vachon

Peter Archambault