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February 22, 2019 Update 

All Region 6 vendors with awarded Water Handling, Heavy Equipment with Water, Refrigerated Trailer or Weed Washing Unit VIPR agreements were notified via email on Feb. 11th that an extension modification has been issued to the 2016 VIPR agreements. Vendors must log into the VIPR Vendor Application and sign this modification in order for the agreement to be extended. Please sign this modification as soon as possible. You are not allowed to make any changes in VIPR at this time and you will be given an opportunity later to make changes. If there are challenges when attempting to respond to the modification, please contact the VIPR Help Desk which is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

VIPR Help Desk 866-224-7677 (press option 3 for VIPR)

The following information from FS-VIPR was emailed to all existing VIPR agreement vendors on February 4th. As soon as official correspondence is received from the Washington Office, it will be sent to all current VIPR vendors and posted here. At this time it is unknown when the 2019 solicitations will open.


The Washington Office Fire and Aviation Management (WO FAM) staff has assessed the impacts of the partial government shutdown on the Incident Blanket Purchase Agreement program. This information is being provided to keep VIPR vendors updated about the changes being directed from WO FAM. Official correspondence is in the process of being finalized and will be shared widely once it is signed.

Solicitations for 2019 resources, which includes Clerical Support Units, GIS Units, Heavy Equipment with Water (Pumper Cats, Skidgines, Softtracks), Refrigerated Trailers, Water Handling (Engines, Water Tender Support, Water Tender Tactical), and Weed Washing Units are not being released at this time; however, revising the solicitation schedule so we can proceed with these actions is among FAM’s highest priorities. To ensure we have no disruption in our ability to support incident needs this year, existing VIPR agreements that will expire in 2019 will be extended. Vendors who have expiring agreements will receive the extension modification in VIPR soon and must respond to the modification in VIPR. There will be a short response timeframe for some of these extension modifications because some agreements are set to expire in mid-February. To be able to respond quickly, vendors are highly encouraged to ensure they can access VIPR and their SAM profile is current and accurate. This is all the information that is available to share at this time. As soon as the official correspondence is signed it will be distributed and made available on the VIPR Website at .

If you have questions regarding this matter; or if you need assistance with responding to your modification, please contact the Interagency Incident Applications (IIA) Help Desk, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Text chat with an IIA Agent is available at or call 866-224-7677 (press option 3 for VIPR).

Thank you for your support to the IBPA program.

2019 Vendor Public Meetings CANCELLED

**NOTE:  You can NOT status your resources until your agreement has been awarded and your equipment is published on the Dispatch Priority List**
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