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Who is in control of your health? Ultimately, you are.

Only you know when you feel truly healthy and when you do not. When physical problems arise you are the first one to know about it and you are the one in charge of doing something about it.

You are probably already aware of this fact, but many times people despair that "nothing can be done" when that's not necessarily the case! There have been a number of times that people who had been told that their conditions were hopeless actually disagreed, turned their lives around and became healthy.

We do not claim that RBTI cures illness. The purpose of RBTI is to provide an analysis and identify electro-biochemical dysfunctions that take place within a human body. This in turn allows for recommended dietary and lifestyle changes that can reverse the dysfunctional patterns and offers the highest potential for perfect health.

If you are in a less-than-perfect physical condition, feel free to contact us to see if RBTI is right for you!


"The liver problems that brought me to see Dr. Groff have now disappeared. My doctor didn't offer any help - except - to do some research. 
Dr. Groff's nutritional treatment got me back to a state of well being. The best part is - I'm down another size! Thank you again Dr. Groff!!"
 --G. K.