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"Health" could be defined a number of different ways, and sometimes means different things to different people. The dictionary defintion (from Microsoft Encarta online) is: "general physical condition: the general condition of the body or mind, especially in terms of the presence or absence of illnesses, injuries, or impairments".

We believe that true health not only involves a lack of disease or impairments, but actually implies that a body is in optimum condition with many benefits involved - many not even considered until a state of health is actually obtained.

When the body is performing optimally at the most basic level (atomic and molecular) the body is very much like a "purring machine" that requires far less work to maintain in terms of needing medications, special treatments, etc. Women notice that their skin, hair and body and far more attractive with a natural "glow" that accompanies the state, men also notice an improved condition. Anyone - man or woman - will notice a distinct improvement in stamina, energy and alertness when they are truly healthy.

The possible benefits of real, true health are too numerous to mention here and can be different for different people.

The body's basic source of health and energy lie at the atomic level. When the atoms of a body are functioning properly they are actually not only generating energy but are cooperating with each other in the correct way - this creates a situation where perfect health can exist.

The RBTI program, when correctly applied, offers the highest potential for perfect health since it addresses the handling of the body at an atomic level in a completely healthy, natural way.


"....the body is able, with proper care and feeding, to reverse these health-destroying dysfunctions from taking place, through the proper application of RBTI principles and techniques."

--Dr. Alexander Beddoe