Inspection, Training and Record Requirements

Equipment Inspections:

Solicitation resources are required to pass a pre-award inspection, prior to award.  Inspections must be completed by an approved Equipment Inspection Provider before May 1 of the year of award in order to be placed on a Dispatch Priority List (DPL) for that fire season. Vendors are responsible to contact an Equipment Inspection Provider to schedule an inspection and provide manufacturers documentation to support equipment specifications, if necessary.  See the weblink below for a list of approved Equipment Inspection Providers. Replacement equipment is also required to complete a pre-award inspection. Continue to monitor the FACT Web page for additional updates.

**If your equipment is not inspected before MAY 1, of the year of award, you may receive an award under the solicitation; however, your resource(s) will be suspended for that season. Equipment inspected on or after MAY 1, may be utilized under an Incident Only EERA (Emergency Equipment Rental Agreement) however, the EERA will be limited to the 90% report rate and not the rate quoted in your VIPR agreement. Your resources will be reinstated for the following calendar year if they are inspected before MAY 1, of that year. Resources not inspected by MAY 1, of the year following the solicitation will be canceled.**

CLICK HERE for a list of Approved Region 6 Equipment Inspection Providers

Pre-Award Inspection Checklists:

2018 New Solicitation Equipment Checklists

Region 6 Specific VIPR Incident Checklists

These checklists are to be used for Region 6 awarded agreements only. The checklists include additional items required for region 6 contractors. 


  • CLICK HERE for the list of Region 6 Approved MOU Training Providers

Records Verification:

Required for all employees who’s positions require additional training beyond RT-130.  Employees who only require RT-130 are not required to have their records verified.  

It is the Vendor's responsibility to select/contact a Records Verification Provider and make arrangements for training records verification. Vendors must pay for the cost for this service. Cost will not be posted, therefore, you will need to make contact with the inspection provider to determine pricing.
  • CLICK HERE for the list of Approved Records Verification Providers

Training & WCFT Notification Forms: