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Bass-Bmore-Hip Hop    SECLUS09CD        Starkey/Street Bass Anthems V2    Seclusiassis    CD    $9.99    
Member of Philadelphia's Seclusiasis & NYC's Trouble & Bass crews steps up w/1st mixrape of bass heavy urban musics f/Steve Spacek "Dollar (Starkey remix)", Blaqstarr "Shake it To the Ground (BD1982 remix)", Twista & Pharrell vs. T Money (Dev79 Blend), and more.
Bass-Cumbia-Dub-Hip Hop    ZZK02    711623360210    VA/Cumbia Digital    ZZK Records    EP    $10.49    
6 tracks from the CD. Cumbia is the dominent music of South America. Here 6 young producers mash their home sound up w/dub, hip hop, dancehall, & more into one of the most exciting & different sounds around f/El Trip Selector, El Remollon, Dead Menems etc

Bass-Dancehall    MIX001        Dre Skull & Sizzla/SkullRiddim    Mixpak    EP    $12.49    
Some 120bpm dancehall w/timpani & strings-driven riddem bolstering the Jamaican dancehall legend's dynamic call to stop the violence + massive, bassbin rumbling remixes by Buraka Som Sistema, Lee Mortimer & Dre Skull that are not to be missed

Bmore    TA006        Dave Nada/Kick Out The Jams    T&A    EP    $11.49    
T&A continues their Bmore club onslaught w/6 tough, ready-for-the-club Bmore edits with original synthwork from Mr. Nada (think Blaqstarr or old Debonair Samir tracks) & instantly recognizable samples. Dave works the Bmore club Taxlo on Tittsworth's wing

Bmore-Ghetto    BRLSQ002        VA/Do It To It V2    Burlesque    EP    $13.99    
6 brand new skull-crushing club cuts from from some of the big names in the game: Bird Peterson, Dave Nada , Tittsworth, Emynd, Wizard of Gaz, & Mike the 2600, all bring their A games. LTD w/HQ hand screen covers designed by Mike (the 2600) Davis.

Cumbia-Bass    BERSA004        Uproot Andy-Sonido del Princip    Bersa Discos    EP    $11.99    
Buenos Aires-Cali-based label drops release #4 f/Brooklyn's prime purveyor of cumbia, dancehall, bassline, hip-hop & electro on the A, Dutch bass-heavy explorer Sonido del Principe on the B.

Cumbia-Dub-Dancehall-Bass    ZZK03    711623360319    Chancha via Circuito/Calzada    ZZK Records    EP    $10.99    
2 tracks from his stellar CD of cumbia digital marvels + 3 instrumental mixes from same + one Villa Diamante mashup over a Chancha rhythm. Pedro Canale has the Midas touch, & w/his mouse he spins gold from cumbia, dub, dancehall & bass.

Disco    GT003        Ghost Town/Contact    Ghost Town    12    $7.99    
Follows the success of it's first two edit 12"s, which became favorites of such DJs as Harvey, Danny Krivit, Aeroplane, Darshan Jesrani & Diesel (X-press 2). This time a re-edit of a soulful disco-funk anthem b/w mid-tempo fusion jazz & italo cuts.

Disco    SPICY008        Beatconductor/Trick In the Wal    Spicy    12    $9.99    
Three re-edited tracks w/ two different moods. The A side is a re-edit of a Pink Floyd hit. B side has two Latin disco edits. F/ a sleeper classic by John Ozila w/ a cosmic vibe, & one by the Willow Band.

Disco-House    BOCNM1104        Boards Of Canada/Unreleased    Not On Label    12    $9.99    
Limited 12" featuring 4 tracks: 3 unofficial disco remixes & one bonus cut. Dark, twisted slo-mo remixes of Col. Abrams "Trapped" & Midnight Star's :Midas Touch". Last copies.

Downtempo    PRLP007        Kona Triangle/Sing a Sapling    Porter Records    LP    $14.49    
Sing a Sapling into Existence is electronic music that  fits well outside any genre. Group brings odd time signatures to warbling synthesizers & floating melodies.

Dubstep-Bass-Hip Hop    6DUB3        6blocc/I Dubs Vol 3    6dub    EP    $8.49    
Mr & Mrs Blocc's lil boy does it again w/4 heavy heavy remixes . Babylon Bwoy (Baby Cham) See You Smile (medley of classic reggae) Police In Helicopta (ganja classic) Just To Get A Rep (Gang Starr). Drop one, it'll make you a hero. LTD 500.

Dub-Techno    DCP014    711623724210    Ruoho Ruotsi & Triton/Eclairci    De'fchild    EP    $8.49    
Eclaircies Dumont A hearty slice of modern dub techno, ultra-deep, w/gestures to Basic Channel & Echospace while spinning sinewy, chaotic yet spaciously dubwise textures. Each also remixes the other's track.

Electro    FGR020        Alexander Robotnick/Obsession    Fool's Gold    12    $8.99    
Obsession For The Disco Freaks is new material from legendary producer of such hits as "Problemes d’Amour" & "Dance Boy Dance". remixes from Nacho Lovers, Freedom Five & Lil Bo Tweak.

Electronic    VIC63398    825646339808    Justice/Waters of Nazareth    Vice    12    $4.99    
Twenty-something boy duo from Paris finds a way every time of making audiences dance frantically. Features groundbreaking title song,  harmonically ambitious yet extremely catchy Let There Be Light, and the up-tempo Dancing Vampire-like Carpates.

Funk    GED004        DeRobert & the Half-Truths/Cop    G.E.D. Soul Records    7    $5.99    
What's better than a dope 45 w/2 heavy funk tracks?  How about a dope 45 w/THREE heavy funk tracks? G.E.D. Soul presents thei Economic Soul Stimulus package, f/some sweet soul science for your ears.

Funk    KAYDEE01CD        VA/Kenny Dope & Keb Darge    Kay Dee    CD    $16.49    
Legendary funk collectors & DJs compile eternal music to enrich the masses' lives. F/ Brass Construction, Gary Davis, The Dap Kings, Rickey Calloway, etc.

Funk- Jazz    NA5031LP        Heliocentrics/Out There    Now Again    DLP    $17.99    
Malcom Catto forms a supergroup for the times. It takes you to an alternative galaxy, where the orbits of hip hop, funk, jazz, psychedelic, electronic, avante-garde & ethnic music all revolve around "The One."

Funk- Soul    NA5027LP        Amnesty/Free Your Mind    Now Again    DLP    $19.99    
Indianapolis prog funk/soul/rock unearthed after 33 years. Obviously influenced by, but by no means simply imitators of, the sound of early Parliament/Funkadelic. Songs delivered in a style arranged w/ dangerous complexity & performed w/ precision.

Funk-World    GR001CD    262642000125    VA/Sitar Beat V1    Guerilla Reissues    CD    $15.49    
Indian Style Heavy Funk series available for 1st time on ltd. ed. CD. Deep music from rare vinyl & utilizing tasteful restoration & remastering. F/ Klaus Doldinger, Serge Gainsbourg, Ananda Shankar, R.D. Burman, Asha Boshle, Biddu etc. Fire up the MPC!

Ghetto    THERUB008CD        Ayres & Tittsworth/Balmer #1    The Rub    CD    $9.99    
Baltimore club singles for Digital DJs. A sort of "Baltimore for Dummies" all in one CD. "Balmer Loosies" vol. 1.

Hip Hop    NRV02005LP    91010200511    Smif-N-Wessun/Dah Shinin'    Nervous    DLP    $15.49    
Produced by the legendary Beatminerz! Originally released in 1995, now classic album.

Hip Hop    NS001        MF Doom/My Favorite Ladies    Nature Sounds    12    $7.99    
Repress of the classic Doom 12, get it while it lasts!

Hip Hop    RS0096LP        Atmosphere/When Life Gives You    Rhymesayers Entertainment    DLP    $17.99    
Ltd Ed yellow vinyl pressing for Ant & Slug's 6th outing.

Hip Hop    SST001CD        Finale & Spier1200/Develop    Soul Step Records    CD    $15.49    
Detroit MC & Japanese producer drop 12 lean tracks & 2 bonus songs. F/ guest appearances from Elzhi (Slum Village), Wordsworth (EMC), Invincible (Platinum Pied Pipers), Supastition & more.

Hip Hop    STH2231LP        James Pants/All the Hits    Stones Throw    LP    $16.99    
Stones Throw wunderkind has put together a album of what sounds like unfinished song ideas. Marketed as a genreless collection of "library music," elements of 80s boogie & old-school hip-hop.

Hip Hop    UHR025CD        Ill Bill - Is the Future Vol.2    Uncle Howie    CD    $7.49    
You already know who he is, & you probably know Non Phixion split up. Cult leader rises from the wreckage with a brand new solo mixtape. F/ Raekwon, Skam 2, MF Grimm, Verbal Kent, Onry Ozzborn & La Coka Nostra.

Hip Hop- House    THERUB012CD        DJ Ayres-Cosmo B/Hip House 2    The Rub    CD    $9.99    
Hip House pt. 2 f/ another party-starting mix of hip house staples & uptempo hip-hop jams. A large part of the success of the first one was this carefree disregard for the musical Berlin Wall that supposedly divides house music from hip-hop.

House    AM001        Bassnectar/Art of Revolution    Amorphous Music    12    $8.99    
Debut single on producer's own label. Killer 4 track EP w/ vocal & instrumental mixes of the bass heavy dubstep original w/ mad percussion & smokey ragga vocals. B/w bumpy, electro house remix from Product 01 & dubby remix from Diplo.

House    DCP008        Igor O. Vlasov/Fellow's Travel    De'fchild    12    $7.99    
Offerings aimed at the dance floor w/nods to lounge or casa keeping true to his house roots. A variety of deep, evocative & grooving sounds w/some tracks aimed @ ampliflying the energy, while others are deep, highly-structured textural excursions.

House    SCIFI004A        40 Thieves/Don't Turn It Off    Chinatown Records    12    $8.99    
A stunning cover of Hot Chocolates painfully groovey "Don't Turn It Off" gets a reworking from Brennan Green. Brennan injects analog goodness with a hypnotizing 303 line and extended arrangement. LTD 1-sided colored vinyl.

House-Downtempo    SPICY006        Beatconductor/Caribbean    Spicy    12    $8.99    
A sunny ride complete with steel drums & tropical vibes. On the flip are 2 funky & soulful tracks: "I Wouldn't Wanna Be Like You" & "The Scatsong".

House-Dub-Techno    DCP001        Ruoho Ruotsi/Vrng Sqrd    De'fchild    12    $7.49    
Debut wistful melancholic deepness, dubwise stylings, & swirling effects w/slowly evolving rhythmic textures. Moscow-based Igor Vlasov's remix maintains the lead voice's profound disposition weaving in shimmering ambient hues & rumbling analogue bassline.

House-Italo    SCIFI001        Brennan Green/Little Ease    Chinatown Records    12    $8.49    
Sounds like Moodyman & Theo Parrish on their best days w/loosely constructed grooves & gorgeous strings. Lindstrom & Prins Thomas give an epic Italo tripped out disco rub on the flip.

House-Techno    DCP015    711623724418    Hollis P. Monroe-Ruoho Ruotsi    De'fchild    EP    $8.99    
Legendary underground house producer teams up w/Ruoho Ruotsi for classic deep house w/left-field techno f/40 year old spoken word by Dr. Ed Robinson titled "Black Rhapsody. Original by Monroe, remixes by Ruoho Ruotsi.

Jazz-Funk    SCR110        Stanton Davis/Things Cannot St    Soul Cal    12    $9.99    

Mash Up- Hip Hop    THERUB002CD        The Rub/It's the Motherfucking    The Rub    CD    $9.99    
This time around, The Rub enlisted the help of DJs A-Trak (ITF + DMC World Champion/Kanye West's DJ), DJ Platurn, Paul Nice & Max Glazer. F/ disco, old school rap, dancehall, 80s pop, indy rock, soul, southern hip-hop, & classic break beats.

Metal    MEGA1985LP    20286198512    Exciter/Heavy Metal Maniac    Megaforce    LP    $17.99    
Blood-spattered vinyl! Numbered copies!

Minimal-Techno-House    DCP003        Ruoho Ruotsi/Hmmm..    De'fchild    12    $7.99    
His 3rd, mixes up sonorously pulsating basslines, dubbed out female breathalizations & nimble percussive sequences. Boston's Todd Gys (Zero G Sounds) cooks up a Tubby-via-Basic Channel reversioning.

Minimal-Techno-House    DCP004        Ruoho Ruotsi/Tants Doll    De'fchild    12    $7.99    
His 4th release is exemplified by rotund bassifications & bubbly, gurgling resonant synth science that refer as much to early Daft Punk as to Mad Professor. Remixes by KLMN, Ben Recht + Mike Uzzi (Localfields, Smartypants), Suz + Layborn.

Pop-Rave    MIX002        Dre Skull/I Want You    Mixpak    EP    $10.99    
A  diva-driven  slice of dance floor pop that is both catchy and oddly melancholic. Institubes soldier, Bobmo turns in remix w/strong Chicago house vibe, Brooklyn bass heavyweight AC Slater delivers proper rave anthem, Dre hitts w/909 workout as well.

Soul    GED001        The Grips/Tennessee Strut    G.E.D. Soul Records    7    $6.99    
Funky little group from Deckherd, TN lay down a mighy heavy jam. A-side is a straight up soul stepper complete w/ heavy hooks & vocal hollers. On the flip is a raw instrumental workout called "Fancy Roll". F/ Mark Spain & Dave Rhodes on sax.

Soul    GED002        DeRobert & the Half-Truths/Fal    G.E.D. Soul Records    7    $6.49    
Fallin' In Debt as spins a tale of soul crushing woes that can only be remedied w/ some bold action. "Stay On Point" on the flip side, will get your mojo working. It's raw southern soul y'all.

Soul    GED003        DeRobert & The Half-Truths/Wak    G.E.D. Soul Records    7    $6.49    
A-side is the floor shaking anthem "Wake On Up", w/ it's light on the social woes of the world. On the flip-side is a dub instrumental version chock full of those killer grooves. Backing group iscrowned G.E.D. Soul house band.

Soul    THERUB023CD        DJ Eleven & Cosmo Baker/I'm    The Rub    CD    $5.95    
I'm Rick James, Bitch! A retrospective of an 80s icon's most durable works. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Soul-Funk    STH2219LP        Mayer Hawthorne/A Strange    Stones Throw    DLP    $23.99    
Includes arguably the biggest record of 2009, "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out". "I asked him if they were old songs that he did re-edits of. Couldn't believe they were new songs and that he played all the instruments" - Peanut Butter Wolf.

Techno    BE002        DJ Bone/The Second Encounter    Bastardo Electrico    12    $8.99    
The unstoppable soul controller provides three mutant strains of unearthly Detroit techno. Peep the funky jacking bass line driven 'Mutant Strain 3' to the off-filter electronics of ' Mutant Strain 4' & the deeply emotive ' Mutant Strain 5'.

Techno    DCP006        Suz + Layborn/Nuzzle Fudge    De'fchild    12    $7.99    
All Canadian affair w/tracks from Winnepeg's finest + remixes by Pheek & Ali Khan. A sophisticated take on techno combining layers of sensuous vocal sample-wizardry, hypnotic percussive sequences & fleshy bass figures,

Techno    DCP007        Max Brannslokker/Teika    De'fchild    12    $7.99    
3 broodingly minimal tracks evoke moodiness of Trentemoller & channels melodic sensse of Pantha du Prince. Dave Aju (Circus Company, Context) serves up HUGE jazz-minimal-funk mix & Todd Kurnat (Circuit73) dishes a banging electro-tech crowd-pleaser.

Techno    DCP010        Aschka/Rain    De'fchild    12    $7.99    
2 deep & melodic excursions from Berlin-based Toronto native. Chicago's Kate Simko delivers an exquisitely evocative downtempo remix of Rain, New York's Stefny delivers playful &  jacking reinterpretation of Sensoreality. Women-In-Techno!

Techno    DCP011        Perla/Casaviejas    De'fchild    12    $7.99    
DJ producer from Cadiz, Spain but now residing in San Francisco rocking dancefloors as a DJ. SF techno stalwarts,production. COTK (Jason Short & Marc Smith) & Limçaon (Resopal, Pokerflat, Force Inc.) provide the remix action.

Techno    DCP012        Ruoho Ruotsi/Afternoon    De'fchild    EP    $7.49    
Xxplores a wide tonal and textural palette while indulging in his characteristic dub-influenced production. Flirt randily with the outer limits of sound-design & the form of songwriting as it pertains to modern tech-house.

Techno    SUBJ018        DJ Bone/Transcend    Subject Detroit    12    $7.99    
Bone reminds listeners how important SOUL & SPIRIT are to this music.

Techno    SUBJ028        DJ Bone/Tru Warriors    Subject Detroit    EP    $9.99    
Bone gets conceptual w/this exploration of the tribal spirit. Elements of Advanced Black Music are used here to evoke the sprit of the Tru Warrior & Bone goes off!  LTD CV.

Techno    SUBJ030        DJ Bone/Subjugation    Subject Detroit    12    $9.99    
The lead track is a highly distinctive fusion of darkly atmospheric Detroit strings + female vocal, futuristic techno anthem in the making. Driving funky techno from the maestro.  LTD CV.

Techno    SUBJ033        Trish Van Eynde/Subject Belgiu    Subject Detroit    12    $9.49    
Trish Van Eynde has agreed to bless Subject Detroit with her soulful tunes on this first Subject Belgium release. All tracks are amazing; she really put her soul into this release. Atmospheric bleeps & strings which groove a path into your heart.

Techno-Downtempo-House    MONEY33        VA/Secret Hangout EP    Money Studies    EP    $8.99    
Drawing inspiration from MoWax's legendary Headz compilations MS drops 3 club tracks + 3 downtempo smokers f/Blu Jemz, Eggfooyoung, (Secret Frequency Crew), Turntable Lab Radio hosts Snack & C’mish, Gaslamp Killer, & Eliot Lipp. Another Money shot!

Techno-House    DCP005        Igor O. Vlasov/Eulalia    De'fchild    12    $7.99    
ForceTracks producer draws on Detroit, Chicago & Berlin influences for largely instrumental pieces, combine the production aesthetics of house & techno w/exquisite & subtle compositional flairs from dub & blues/soul fusions. Remix by Polaris Pulsations.

Techno-House    SCIFI003        Runaway/Alberg 30    Chinatown Records    12    $8.49    AKA
Marcos Cabral & Jacques Renault who had a record on Wurst Edits.. Brennan Green remix on B.

Techno-House    SUBJCD1007    711623704328    VA/The Lost Tribe Of Techno    Subject Detroit    CD    $15.49    
Global compilation of forward thinking, body rockin' Detroit-inspired sounds; moody, uplifting, sexy, or ominous, f/DJ Bone, Niko Marks, DJ Nasty, Aux 88, Orlando Voorn, Mister X, Metro Unit, Rennie Foster, Trish Van Eynde.

Techno-Pop    MSS02    711623400213    Jessica 6/Fun Girl Remixes    Midnight Sun Sound    12    $8.49    
Nomi Ruiz (Hercules & Love Affair) + 2 members of their touring band have combined to make slinky dance-pop. LTD 12" w/rerubs by Liv Spencer (House of House/Still Going) & Walter Durkacz (legendary Danceteria DJ & NYC club booker)

World-House    ESL110        Thievery Corp/Supreme Illusion    Eighteenth Street Lounge    12    $8.99    
Thievery & Nickodemus swap remix duties & plenty of outer- national flair. A-side is Nickodemus's boom bap bhangra style remix of TC's "Supreme Illusion" and the B-side features Rob & Eric's Middle Eastern jazz-house remix of "Crazy Stranger".
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