Welcome to our Project Website.
Our purpose is to offer accurate information about the Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake and the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.
We are gathering erroneous information from around the world that misrepresent the situation in Japan. 
We seek to verify and correct those errors, basing ourselves on official information and scientific evidence.
We call this "The #facts311Project".  

Our Purpose:

  • To monitor and check the spread of false information.
  • To share facts about Japan with people around the world.
  • To deepen our friendship with people around the world. 


  • To provide accurate information about Japan in English.
  • To collect news, reports and information from around the world.
  • To verify the collected reports based on the official information and scientific evidence.
  • To point out the errors and misrepresentations.
  • To accumulate those erroneous and/or misleading reports on this website.


"False information on the situation of the 2011 Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake has been distributed through chain-emails, electric bulletin boards, mini-blogs and others. Please make sure reliable sources of information such as news reports and websites of Japanese administrative institutions." http://www.kantei.go.jp/foreign/incident/index.html

About Us:  

We are a nonprofit group and our work is on a voluntary basis.
If you have any questions, please use the comment entry form.


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