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Under Construction

but still chock full of info


Welcome to Facing The Plastic's Temp Site.
This site was only started to get an idea of what will be included on the official Facing The Plastic website.

We're currently recording in Gray Barn Studios and working on our full-length debut album.

Our CD has finished the recording process, we are now mastering and mixing the album and preparing to release it. You can buy our presale package now if you hurry at http://facingtheplastic.bigcartel.com

Download our E.P. FREE!

Have any ideas? Let us Know what your thoughts are.

Besides that, Facing The Plastic has a CHATROOM that will have scheduled dates and times to visit. It's suggested that you check it out, sign on, and register your name (no email address needed, registering your name simply means your ideal sign on name won't be used by someone else).

Other things you might want to check out is the Press Page, Media Pages, or help FTP out and join the Mailing List or Street Team.