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The TCON Thermal Software Suite of analysis tools consists of four modules: Rapid Thermal Modeler, OrbitPlotter, MAPBACK and SINDAFAC modules. These modules allow for everything from interactive orbit definition to automated concurrent engineering to the actual thermal analysis -- all for a one-time cost of $300. Use the downloaded program without cost for extremely small thermal models -- to see how it works.  After purchase, you will receive a hardware key that allows the downloaded version to operate at its full capability.  
TCON uses FEMAP as its graphical user interface for generating the model and for post-processing.
Download the TCON installation program (TCON.ex) from this page (see Attachments, below).  After downloading, change the name from TCON.ex to TCON.exe, then double-click on the TCON.exe on your computer to install the four modules onto your computer.
Download the TCON user's manual (TCON_MAN.ZIP).
For radiation modeling, we offer SSPTA, which we adapted from NASA's program of the same name.  SSPTA is more accurate than TRASYS and can handle larger models.  SSPTA is offered at $995.  Email us at SSPTA @ to purchase a copy.
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