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Frederick A. Costello, Inc. (FAC, Inc.) was a consulting firm offering engineering design, analysis and testing services. Since 1978, the company has served a wide range of clients in the government (20%) as well as the private sector (80%). The company was terminated in 2009, but Dr. Costello continues to work as an independent consultant.  He offers consulting services in the area of electronics packaging; aerospace structures and heat transfer; thermal design and analysis of industrial processes and equipment; energy conservation; and solar heating, cooling and power systems.

In addition to his consulting services he continues to develop and market a suite of thermal analysis software tools called TCON. TCON is a state of the art, concurrent engineering software tool that allows the thermal analyst all the benefits of a well developed graphical user interface while maintaining compatibility with accepted and established thermal analysis codes.

tconicon.gif The TCON Thermal Software Suite of analysis tools consists of the Rapid Thermal Modeler, OrbitPlotter, MAPBACK and SINDAFAC modules. These modules allow for everything from interactive orbit definition to automated concurrent engineering to the actual thermal analysis - all for a one-time cost of $300. Download our demo.

ConsIcon.gif Engineering consulting services are offered by Frederick A. Costello, Inc. in the areas of structural and thermal design and analysis of electronics (enclosure design and analysis), aerospace, industrial processes and equipment, energy conservation, solar energy.  

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