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087 A Roundabout at North Shore and Temporary Road:  The 2010 data show 214 vehicles per hour (vph) along North Shore (Route 4726) at the peak hour in one direction. Along Temporary Road (Route 6363), the peak is 620 vph one way. There is no data on the fraction of this 620 that goes to North Shore. Nearby data imply that 254 do get to the subject intersection. The 214 and 254 are well below the 750 vph capacity of a single-lane road at 25 mph; therefore, a roundabout would be a good solution. It may suffice even with the new Fairway Apartments. 08/27/2012
084 What to Expect from Bus Service The Fairfax Connector is a reasonable prototype of buses servicing the Dulles rail line. As such, the buses cannot be justified on the basis of economics or fuel consumption or congestion reduction. Taxpayers subsidize each bus user $3,305 per year. Buses would probably be justified if they were used only during rush hour, presuming that the drivers would not be paid in the off hours, and ran on the grid of streets rather than arteries. The number of bus riders may decrease if the riders did not expect to be able to come home at any time; however, the loss may not be great. The old Continental bus line, which ran from Reston to D.C. in the 1980’s, ran only during rush hour. The buses were unreliable but always crowded.  You may download the full report, below. 08/04/2012

Fred Costello,
Aug 27, 2012, 11:39 AM