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FacilityPortfolios Manager
Kevin Folsom has designed an easy to use, highly flexible online FacilityPortfolios™ Manager using WebEx WebOffice. The system is secure, very reliable with 99.9% up time, and may be accessed anytime anywhere you have an internet browser. The web hosting is provided by a group of dedicated staff members and servers who currently serve over 325,000 business and non-profit users world-wide.

The WebEx WebOffice is a very versatile intranet that can be used for many business purposes such as customer databases, shared calendars, tasks, online meetings, etc. To learn more about the WebEx WebOffice click here.


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WebEx WebOffice - includes a fully functional intranet site with all the necessary tools to build the FacilityPortolios Manager, which includes many other business applications, and 250MB storage. It's very useful as is!
$800 Annually Up To 5 Members
$1,500 Annually Up To 10 Members
$3,000 Annually Up To 25 Members
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FacilityPortfolios Manager - Add the pre-programmed and configured databases within the Webex WebOffice. Includes up to 1 hour of training. This is a great savings on your time. This includes initial set up of databases for Property Inventory, Facility Inventory, Facility Needs, and Facility Condition Index (FCI) Analysis. It will save you a huge amount of trial and error time.
$350.00 Annually
Additional WebOffice site(s) - Once you have your first intranet site you may request as many additional sites as you need for other purposes, such as special projects, departments, etc. The cost is just the annual licensing fee per site, and your membership fee is based on the number of unique members within all your sites. (i.e. One unique member may be part of all additional sites but you only pay for the one member). This is a great savings! The FacilityPortfolios™ Manager not included.
$75 Annually
Additional Storage - Each additional 50MB storage.
$75 Annually
Monthly Training - WebOffice training provided by WebEx M-F 10a-2p (Eastern).