I Saw The Light

The AmRed 605 Broad Curve Cello Head:

The new absolute reference standard for general Photo Rejuvenation. This next generation head contains 30 of the newest and most powerful of LED emitters - along with built-in photo-optical sensing, housed in a plug-in modular casing that also includes internal shock mounting -- all behind a highly polished cover lens.

Now imagine an optical sensor that reads the skin much like an automatic light meter in a modern camera ... and asks the machine to adjust its 'exposure' – according to your skin type, all with a far higher degree of accuracy than you could tweak by hand, results are unbelievable!
 The Acne Blue Beam 420 Matrix Head:

The acne blue beam head emits a  true 420 nanometer wavelength cluster of light, penetrating the skin tissue to target mild to moderate P Acne,( the P stands for propionibacterium.)The Blue wand operates at a higher frequency (shorter wavelength), results true counter-bacterial response by way of photo destruction of common acne bacteria. This particular spectrum increases the release of oxygen-carrying, endogenic porphyrins -- that which attacks the P. acne bacteria below the skin surface at a faster rate than the problematic Propionibacterium, itself, can reproduce. This head is not appropriate for cystic acne, however, it does do a great job on mild to severe acne.

The highly unique  "Blue Beam Head" may be used in conjunction with your favorite acne-related products. The 420 nanometer Blue Beam Head is also used in combination with the standard Photo Rejuvenation head to help reduce acne-related inflammation.