A Little About Me


                                        Photography done by Melissa Root:
My name is Leslie, I am a 50-year old woman, and  like every one else have searched high and low for the fountain of youth, naturally, there is no such thing. So I tried everything-Micro Dermabrasion, Glycolic Peels, Retin- A, & Botox. Not to mention the thousands of dollars spent on facial creams. On my journey to finding younger looking skin I learned a few things-if it seems too good to be true, it probably is; also, great results don't come over night.

The facts remain that plastic surgery, and deep laser peels are the closest thing to making your skin look as flawless as possible; that is if you have $6,000-$18,000 to invest and your plastic surgeon is good at what he or she does. It is noteworthy to mention that Retin-A really does help your skin with collagen and age/sunspots, but that is after many consistent years of use, keeping in mind that many people have experienced a negative reaction to products containing vitamin A, including myself. Finally, Botox is fantastic~LOVE IT! It completely removes the wrinkles from my face...at the cost  of $800.00 per visit that last 3-6 months ~and several painful shots in my face~boo! What it does not do, however, is address my discoloration, large pores, saggy skin, spots etc...

What to do, what to do...I saw LED Light Therapy on "The Dr's Show," and it peaked my curiosity, then I saw it in a few of the popular magazines while waiting for an appointment with my doctor. For Christmas my family members got together and got me a treatment package. After 4 treatments I am shocked at what has been happening to my face, plumper/tighter, lines getting  less noticeable, pores smaller, a glow is appearing, I could not believe it. I was so impressed I decided buy the top of the line professional machine & go into business, because anyone who knows me knows I love to spread happiness and I am a very honest, trustworthy person. If I say it works, it works!

In 2001, I got certified as a Skin Technician at a wonderful place called DiStefano Medical Center in Warwick RI under the professional and watchful eye of Dr Mark Distefano's medical staff. While there, I performed glycolic acid peels, did facials, extractions, and ran one of the two Micro-Dermabrasion machines. I got to know the skin well, and learned a lot of tricks to keep up on maintaining soft refreshed skin. Micro-Dermabrasion is like a sandblaster/vacuum for dead skin cells and it has its place in this discussion. It irritates the skin, when the skin is irritated it will send a bit of collagen to heal it, so I like Micro~Dermabrasion and I use micro - gloves on my clients skin before performing their treatment as well as all natural squalane, another miracle. Combining the three is a wonderful thing that shows results after the first treatment.

 I will not hide the costs of my treatments like some do. I charge $125.00 for a single LED Light treatment and $175.00 for Micro-Current; it is worth every penny, you will see!! I recommend 4- treatments for LED Light  so a four pack is only $300.00. I recommend 6 treatments for my  Micro-Current package so the price is $500.00. I also recommend maintenance every 1-2 months, which I charge $50.00 for. . There is nothing but happy customers who get this procedure done at  90% positive ratings. Look up or Google "Photo Rejuvenation Therapy" or "LED Light therapy" and see for yourself!

**Don't be fooled by inexpensive home machines - they don't have the power behind them to achieve the serious results that my professional model can offer.