Facetime on iPhone: Step by Step complete Guide

Facetime is a build in app in your iPhone and it is very simple to use. Facetime allows you to make video and audio calls using the internet data, which saves your phone call money. You can call any other Apple device user using Facetime.

Here you get the complete process for using the Facetime app in your iPhone. How to make call if you are a first time user. The process for using Facetime in your iPhone is very simple as Facetime is a user-friendly application.

So, look out this article and follow the steps mention in this post to successfully make a calls using Facetime. Make sure that you have a good internet connectivity and speed in your iPhone to make video or audio call.

How to make call using Facetime on iPhone: Step by Step complete Guide

Check out the below mention process for How to make calls using Facetime in iPhone. Follow the steps as mention and enjoy calling on Facetime.

⇢ First click on the Facetime icon from your iPhone Home screen.

⇢ If you are first time user then you have to enter your Mobile number and email id and press "Next" to register.

⇢ After successfully registered you will see the contact list which use Facetime.

⇢ Now, you can scroll and select the contact to see its information.

⇢ Now, click on its mobile number or email id which is Facetime capable.

⇢ Now, you see an calling screen to that contact.

⇢ Now, when the person accept your call you can see him or her on your screen and yourself also in the small draggable screen.

⇢ Enjoy, your Facetime video call. You can do same process for audio call also.

How to download and install facetime on Iphone you can check this url http://downloadfacetime.com.
Here you will find facetime tutorials.  


This article provides you a simplest and easy method to do Facetime for iPhone. Follow the steps mention in this post and you will able to do video or audio call to anyone using Facetime. Facetime will give you best calling experience.

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