Pricing is available Per Hour and Per Person:
*Per Hour:  There is a 1.5 hour minimum, costing $145.00. The per hour rate after the first 1.5 hours is $80.00/hour. This is typically for private parties such as birthdays. And, flexible to work with your budget so don't pay more than needed.  
Select a category to the right for examples and how many can be done per hour to help determine a category or a mix of categories for your budget.  
For example:
  • A large birthday party may allow full face art for the birthday person and masks, partial face, or cheek art for remaining kids. 
  • A small birthday party may allow all guests to have full face art. 
  • A large super bowl or sport party may want only partial face and cheek art only for all guests. 
  • A corporate event may allow any level for as long as paintings will take, for all guests.    
*Per Person pricing varies by category and is typically for personal appointments (Halloween, parties, etc.). Or, for larger public events (a farmers market, festivals, etc.) where the organizer brings in vendors to charge per person.
Select a category to the right for examples and the per person pricing.

*= To reduce your cost, you can have full face paintings and masks done on just part of the face. 
Cheek and Body Painting 
Masks and Partial Face Painting 
Full Face Painting