A Framework to Advance Climate, Economic, and Impact Investigations with Information Technology

FACE-IT is an effort to develop a new IT infrastructure to accelerate existing disciplinary research and enable information transfer among traditionally separate fields. At present, finding data and processing it into usable form can dominate research efforts. By providing ready access to not only data but also the software tools used to process it for specific uses (e.g., climate impact and economic model inputs), FACE-IT allows researchers to concentrate their efforts on analysis. Lowering barriers to data access allows researchers to stretch in new directions and allows researchers to learn and respond to the needs of other fields.

FACE-IT accomplishes these goals by building and integrating a number of really awesome web-based software tools to enable researchers to easily develop data manipulation and analysis applications, apply those apps to their own data and to data provided by others, link multiple apps into data analysis pipelines, and share such pipelines with their collaborators and community.

Interested in becoming a FACE-IT user? Get your hands dirty with some demos. Got some applications that need to find a broader audience? Check out our developer cookbooks. Looking to administer your own FACE-IT instance or help us out with improvements to the source code? Check out our sys-admin cookbooks. Or just keep browsing around to learn more about FACE-IT and the awesomely amazing development team that makes it happen. 

Need help?  Email us at faceit-support@ci.uchicago.edu

Galaxy and Galaxy-ES are distributed as open source under the conditions of the Academic Free License

FACE-IT is supported by a generous research grant from Amazon Web Services that allowed for initial exploration, experimentation and feasibility analysis.

FACE-IT is supported by the NSF cyberSEES program award No. 1331782