Are you interested in social networking, but don't know where to begin?  Are you curious about Facebook and wonder why it's so popular?  This workshop will introduce you to the basics of social networking, get you into Facebook for some hands-on learning and generate plenty of discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of this phenomenally popular website.

Course contents

I.   What is Facebook?

II.  Why learn about Facebook?

III. Setting up a Facebook Account 

IV. Privacy and Security



In this workshop participants will:

  1. learn what Facebook is and how it works
  2. create a Facebook profile and get hands-on experience in Facebook
  3. discuss the pros and cons of Facebook use
  4. explore security and privacy issues surrounding Facebook

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop students will have demonstrated their understanding of the topic by:

  1. Creating a functional Facebook profile in order to use and explore the social networking site
  2. Adding content to their profiles in order to create a usable social networking space
  3. Exploring and discussing Facebook privacy and security policies/issues in order to assess risk of using this social networking site
  4. Reading selected resources in order to evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of Facebook

Out-of-Class Assignment

Students may choose one of the following assignments:

a.) Students will write a short assessment of Facebook's pros and cons. Concepts to consider may include:

  • Facebook's role in academic settings (instructors, staff, students)
  • Academic versus social-- how integrated should the two worlds be?
  • Adult responsibility to educate students about Facebook and privacy issues
  • Lines between students/instructors, adults/young adults in social networking
  • Productivity issues
  • Security questions and concerns
b.) Students will write a short reaction paper to a selected article from the Reading List. 
c.) Students will write a short description of why they will continue to use Facebook and how they will use it (networking, connect with friends, stay in touch with family).


additional reading options are available under Resources