July, 2013 in Mohelnice, Czech Republic:

This site is dedicated to metadata on project I am about to make.

I was invited for artistic residency on Chloë Flores facebook page. That means I was chosen as one of the few artists who, in duration of app. 3 years, every month each, can use this special public space created by American curator Chloë Flores for their projects and activities.

Because of my deep interest in facebook-based net art and background in cinema studiesI've decided I'll use this opportunity to create temporal metrical sculpture.
That is, probably the very first sculpture on facebook - made on facebook out of facebook, following its structure and discourse. and of course, perceivable only on facebook.

You can discover more about the project on this website.

The residency is taking place during August 2013, on Chloë Flores facebook page.
Facebook Sculpture: August 1st - 31st, 2013

YouTube Video

The best  way how to perceive the sculpture in real time is to become friend with >> Chloë Flores <<
(make sure you follow all the updates - how to follow all the updates)

Due the special nature of this project, no interaction can be made via Chloë Flores facebook page between me and you (so the metrum stays undisturbed). However I'd be happy for your reactions, feelings, comments, and especially for your own documentation how you perceived the project - screen-captures (photos and videos) of your wall experiencing Facebook Sculpture. Every documentation is welcomed and will be used on this page and/or in exhibition. Please note, that by reacting you are agreeing that your reaction will be used as documentation on the project.

I'd like to make the whole picture of the sculpture as big and complete as possible and I'd be grateful for your help. (Because the sculpture will last only a month, and will be perceived slightly differently by each recipient, and all that remains from it after August 31st will be - your and mine documentation.)

For contacting me, chatting or sending your documentation you can use any channel linked below,
or writing me at merry.place[at]gmail[dot]com with subject: FACEBOOK SCULPTURE

                                (c) merry

Facebook Sculpture: (c) merry, 2013
temporal metrical sculpture


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