As a digital artist, with all the constant software changes and upgrades as well as new techniques that get developed, I got into the habit of writing down the useful information that I find online as well as my personal experiments/research. 

That is what this wiki is all about. My tips and tricks as well as software, tools, plugins ,scripts, anything that might be useful for my workflow.
I like to stay organized and putting my stuff online is the best way, whether I'm home or in the office I can just open the wiki and write down anything that I just learned!

I also find it saves a lot of time when I want for remember those little annoying thins like "Why am I getting red dots in my normal maps?" or "Where is that amazing Jeff Patton tutorial about Mental Ray"? And one day I realized I was sharing all these with my fellow artists so decided to invest a few minutes and use the awesome internet to gather this information!

This is mostly for myself but you are more than welcome to take a look, use it and give me any feedback!
Since this is kind of my "workshop" it might sometimes be messy or incomplete as I'm constantly updating with new info.

- Luis -