Phd students

Bert-Jan Coster
Qi Feng
Gianmarco Molino
Andrew Ursitti


Li Chen

Former Phd students

Michel Bonnefont, Graduated in 09/12, Thesis, Michel now works as an assistant professor at the University of Bordeaux
Juan Viquez, Graduated in 12/12, Thesis, Juan now works at the University of Costa Rica after a 1 year postdoc in Nancy, France
Xuejing Zhang, Graduated in 14/03, Thesis, Xuejing now works as a quantitative analyst for the company ING in Philadelphia
Jing Wang, Graduated in 14/04, Thesis, Jing obtained a postdoc position at IMA for 2014/2015 and a Doob's instructor position at UIUC for 2015/2018
Bumsik Kim, Graduated in 15/05, Bumsik obtained a postdoc position at the University of Connecticut for 2015-2018

Former postdocs

Cheng Ouyang
Matt Cecil