Hello, my name is FABiAN. I live in San Pablo, CA/Richmond, CA and I am going to Middle College High School in this area, but one of the other schools I was going to attend was Richmond High School. Although I am not attending RHS,I can understand or live the atmosphere Middle College High is said to be the best school in this area. MCHS is different than other high school's, because when you graduate from MCHS you will recieve your AA degree and it counts as two years in college. At this moment I am attending Richmond High for a Summer Bridge Program. It's pretty calm out here, but sometimes it can get out of hand. I am writing this so you can understand how life is in my perspective, but I also know that at the end when you have read everything it is going to help you.I will be talking to you about the things I need to get my way out of High School and my goals after High School.



When people from other cities hear about Richmond High, they always think about it as a bad school. Although, the school doesn't get it's reputation by how it looks or where its located, the school gets it's reputation by the students. For example, you can have the ugliest school ever, but the best and smartest students too. At times like this I always think about something my father told me and I will never forget it. He told me that everybody in this world is a builder. Everybody is a builder, because everybody is building their life to be how they want it to be when they are older and as their life goes on.  Its only up to the person who is handling their life. If they build it to be a bad person (a NOBODY.!) they are going to end up how they want to build it, and if they want to build it to be a good person, they are going end up how they want it. I know that im not going to attend RHS, but i think this goes for any person at any school. The things I need to succeed in life and accomplish my goals are good grades, a clean record, sign up in AP classes, clubs, and anything that I can work with and will help me. I know its going to be hard and there is going to be times when I would want to take it easy because im ahead, but i cant. I cant, because if I do in the end it will affect me in a bad way. For example, in 8th grade I had good grades from 1st quarter through 3rd. In 4th quarter, I took it easy and slacked off, I got lower grades. My grades were still good, but they weren't as good as the others. Since that day I know to put 100% effort in everything I do. To get into the colleges or universities I want to go to is, I have to get the best scores possible in my SAT or CAHSEE . 



What I want to do when I graduate from High School is go to college,be happy with my life, dont regret anything I did when I was in school, and become a professional soccer player. I want to go to UCLA ,Stanford, or UC Santa Barbara because they are good schools and I want to play soccer in college and maybe I will achieve my dream.  I know that I will have to work hard to become what I want to be. I want to play soccer for Richmond High because they have a good squad and I really think scouts from college can scout me, but I also want to play soccer for Richmond High because my brother used to play and im hoping to take his spot. People say I have a good artist touch, and I like to draw. I think I can have a good possibilty in becoming an architect, and that is another goal of mine. But I don't want to be lonely when I am older.I want to get married and have kids, but I don't want to be a father at this age because i know that it is like throwing my life away. I don't want my kids to know that their father is an employee in minimum wage job. I want to support them and make them be proud of me so I can be the greatest father and role model ever.



Hopefully my perspective in this world has helped in a way, but now you know how my life is.Thank you for taking your time and reading about me, hopefully you achieve your goals, because i would really like to acheive. My advice to you, never give up, try your hardest, and keep a positive attitude. Thank you and have a nice day.! 

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