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Welcome to Fable History Source! A website dedicated to Fable's history.

I boast to have around 500+ screenshots on Fable and Project EGO. I also have concept art, wallpapers, videos, and more!

My Fable Story

        Fable is one of my all-time favorite Xbox games ever. I first played it in Montana on an old CRT. When my Dad was playing it, he let me play then the game forever hooked me. Even though I've beaten it several times, and eventually got burned out on it for a while. I have always returned to it regardless of the failed promises of Peter Molyneux (I was born in 2000, so I didn't know anything about Project EGO) the world of Albion felt immersive. (Well, maybe not compared to Project EGO) The characters, creatures, environment were great. So with that short speech out of the way, please enjoy what I have to offer at Fable History Source.

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