Homepage - Fabio Pietrucci


Maître de conférences HDR - "associate professor" of physics

Sorbonne Université, Campus Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris 

Institute of Mineralogy, Materials Physics and Cosmochemistry  (IMPMC)

Team: Physics of simple systems in extreme conditions (PHYSIX)

Corridor 23-24, 3rd floor, 4 Place Jussieu, 75005 Paris


tel (+33|0)144275230 


Thermodynamics and statistical physics (L3 bachelor, M1 master), numerical physics (L3), computational materials science (M2)

   young collaborators:

Line Mouaffac   (PhD student)

     reaction coordinate optimization via Langevin modelling

David Girardier  (PhD student, co-supervised with S. Bonella)

     accurate stochastic and dynamical models of precipitation phenomena

Léon Huet   (PhD student, co-supervised with M. Saitta and R. Vuilleumier)

    ab initio study of prebiotic chemical reactions in solution

Mattia Perrone  (visiting PhD student, supervised by Giovanni Pavan @ Politecnico di Torino)

     dynamical analysis of out-of-equilibrium metallic systems

Jérémy Diharce   (master student)

    inference of stochastic models of crystal nucleation

Daniele Bersano   (master student, main supervisor: Jérôme Hénin)

    Reconstructing equilibrium free-energy landscapes from biased simulations

Titiksha Mahi  (master student)

    Markovian and non-Markovian dynamics of order parameters

   previous collaborators:

Hadrien Vroylandt   (postdoc)

Matteo Cioni   (visiting PhD student)

Beatriz Piniello   (visiting PhD student)

Timothée Devergne   (PhD student)

Mohammad Hellani (postdoc)

Flavio Siro Brigiano  (postdoc, now maître de conférences @ Sorbonne)

Arthur France-Lanord   (postdoc, now permanent researcher @ Sorbonne)

Karen Palacio Rodriguez   (PhD student)

Alexandre Jedrecy   (PhD student)

Théo Magrino  (phd student)

Luca Barbisan  (visiting phd student)

Pauline Bacle  (postdoc)

Andrea Pérez Villa  (postdoc)

Gabriele Mogni  (postdoc)

Silvio Pipolo (postdoc, now maître de conférences @ Univ. Lille)


NEWS  Oct 2023: new techniques for the statistical inference of underdamped Langevin models of rare events (link) 

NEWS  Feb 2023: a unified approach to optimal reaction coordinates, free-energy barriers and kinetic rates (link)

NEWS  Jan 2023: we cannot find a "no man’s land" liquid–liquid barrier/stable interface in TIP4P/2005 water (link)

NEWS  Aug 2022: accurate rates and quality of reaction coordinates from sub-optimal biased simulations (link)

NEWS  Aug 2022: ab initio-quality neural network potentials for chemical reactions in solution (link)

NEWS  Mar 2022: estimation of non-Markovian models of projected dynamics (link)

NEWS  Jun 2021: a new approach to free energy + kinetics from short unbiased trajectories (link)

NEWS  Mar 2021: ab initio reconstruction of Strecker multi-step synthesis of glycine (link)

NEWS  Feb 2021: Pb capture in spent coffee grounds covered in Chemistry World

NEWS  Apr 2018: hydrothermal decomposition mechanism of amino acids (link)

NEWS  Dec 2017: new insight on heterogenous ice nucleation (link)

NEWS  Oct 2017: a prebiotic formation mechanism for ribonucleotides (link)

NEWS  Apr 2017: found RNA bases in Miller and asteroid impact-like experiments (link)

NEWS  Mar 2017: new general approach to structural phase transitions (link)

NEWS  Aug 2016: new salty ice crystals with disordered water orientations (link)

NEWS  Dec 2015: discovered a cryptic binding pocket in HIV protease (link)

NEWS  Dec 2015: new general approach to chemical reactions in solution (link)