Homepage - Fabio Pietrucci


assistant professor - maître de conférences HDR

Sorbonne Université, Campus Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris (Sorbonne)

Institute of Mineralogy, Materials Physics and Cosmochemistry (IMPMC)

Team: Physics of simple systems in extreme conditions (PHYSIX)

Corridor 23-24, 3rd floor, 4 Place Jussieu, 75005 Paris


tel (+33|0)144275230

young collaborators:

Flavio Siro Brigiano (postdoc)

pressure-induced structural transitions in 2D materials

Hadrien Vroylandt (postdoc, MAESTRO team @ ISCD)

generalized Langevin equations from molecular dynamics data

Arthur France-Lanord (postdoc, MAESTRO team @ ISCD)

activated processes in materials for energy storage

Karen Palacio Rodriguez (PhD student)

new simulation methods for protein-protein interaction

Timothée Devergne (PhD student, co-supervised with M. Saitta)

machine learning for chemical reactions in solution

Léon Huet (PhD student, co-supervised with M. Saitta and R. Vuilleumier)

ab initio study of prebiotic chemical reactions in solution

Line Mouaffac (M2 stage)

reaction coordinate optimization via Langevin modelling

NEWS Jun 2021: a new approach to free energy + kinetics (link)

NEWS Feb 2021: Pb capture in spent coffee grounds covered in Chemistry World

NEWS Apr 2018: hydrothermal decomposition mechanism of amino acids (link)

NEWS Dec 2017: new insight on heterogenous ice nucleation (link)

NEWS Oct 2017: a prebiotic formation mechanism for ribonucleotides (link)

NEWS Apr 2017: found RNA bases in Miller and asteroid impact-like experiments (link)

NEWS Mar 2017: new general approach to structural phase transitions (link)

NEWS Aug 2016: new salty ice crystals with disordered water orientations (link)

NEWS Dec 2015: discovered a cryptic binding pocket in HIV protease (link)

NEWS Dec 2015: new general approach to chemical reactions in solution (link)