assistant professor - maître de conférences HDR
Sorbonne Université, Campus Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris   (Sorbonne)
Institute of Mineralogy, Materials Physics and Cosmochemistry  (IMPMC)
Team: Physics of simple systems in extreme conditions 

4 Place Jussieu, towers 23-24 office 304, 75005 Paris
fabio.pietrucci@gmail.com  /  fabio.pietrucci@upmc.fr
tel (+33|0)144275230 

young collaborators:

Léon Huet (master student)
    ab initio simulation of ATP hydrolysis
Karen Palacio Rodriguez   (PhD student)
    new simulation methods for protein-protein interaction
Théo Magrino   (PhD student)
    ab initio simulation of chemical reactions in water solution
Timothée Devergne   (PhD student)
    machine learning for chemical reactions in solution
Diana Nelli   (visiting PhD student, University of Genova)
    dynamical transformations of metal nanoparticles
Luca Barbisan   (visiting PhD student, University of Milano-Bicocca)
     structural transformations in semiconductors
Hadrien Vroylandt   (postdoc, MAESTRO team @ ISCD)
     generalized Langevin equations from molecular dynamics data
Arthur France-Lanord   (postdoc, MAESTRO team @ ISCD)
     activated processes in materials for energy storage

NEWS  Feb 2021: our work on Pb capture in spent coffee grounds covered in Chemistry World
 2021: one open postdoc position (enhanced sampling, materials science)
 2018: a new approach to free energy and kinetics of rare events
NEWS  Apr 2018: hydrothermal decomposition mechanism of amino acids  (link)
NEWS  Dec 2017: new insight on heterogenous ice nucleation (link)
NEWS  Oct 2017: a prebiotic formation mechanism for ribonucleotides (link)
NEWS  Apr 2017: found RNA bases in Miller and asteroid impact-like experiments (link)
NEWS  Mar 2017: new general approach to structural phase transitions (link)
NEWS  Aug 2016: new salty ice crystals with disordered water orientations (link)
NEWS  Dec 2015: discovered a cryptic binding pocket in HIV protease (link)
NEWS  Dec 2015: new general approach to chemical reactions in solution (link)

Fabio Pietrucci,
Jun 5, 2009, 5:18 AM