Some Publications

Kelk S, Pardi F, Scornavacca C, van Iersel L. Finding the most parsimonious or likely tree in a network with respect to an alignment arXiv:1707.03648 [q-bio.PE] (2018)  [pdf]

Gambette P, van Iersel L, Jones M, Lafond M, Pardi F, Scornavacca C. Rearrangement Moves on Rooted Phylogenetic Networks PLoS Computational Biology 13(8): e1005611. (2017)  [pdf]

Binet M, Gascuel O, Scornavacca C, Douzery EJP, Pardi F. Fast and accurate branch lengths estimation for phylogenomic trees BMC Bioinformatics. 17:23 (2016)  [software] [pdf]

Pardi F, Gascuel O. Distance-based methods in phylogenetics  Book chapter in: Kliman R (editor) Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Biology, pp. 458-465, Elsevier (2016)

Pardi F, Scornavacca C. Reconstructible phylogenetic networks: Do not distinguish the indistinguishable PLoS Computational Biology 11(4): e1004135 (2015)  [pdf]

Pardi F, Gascuel O. Combinatorics of distance-based tree inference Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109: 16443-16448 (2012)  [link]

Pardi F, Goldman N. Resource-aware taxon selection for maximizing phylogenetic diversity Systematic Biology 56: 431-444 (2007)  [link] 

Pardi F, Goldman N. Species choice for comparative genomics: being greedy works PLoS Genetics 1: e71 (2005)  [link]

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