Welcome to my web page. Here, you will find mostly professional information. 

I am Associate Professor (Professor Associado) in the Department of Mathematics (Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia) at Universidade Nova de Lisboa since 2005. I am also affiliated to the Center for Mathematics and Applications, at the same university. I am the Scientific Coordinator of this unity (approx. 100 PhD members) since 2014.

I work in the field of Mathematical Biology, specially in Evolution and Epidemiology. My background is in Physics (BSc and MSc, both at the Physics Department at PUC-Rio in Brazil) and in Mathematics (PhD at Impa, Brazil). I was also a post-doc in Vienna and Lisbon

You will find links to my papers and pre-prints in my Curriculum Vitae. If you are interested in any manuscript but unable to download it, please feel free to ask me a copy. My ResearcherId can be find here

I regularly write to the scientific diffusion magazine "Gazeta de Matemática", published by the "Portuguese Mathematical Society". I am also vice-president of the Society since 2016.

I was one of the co-editors (together with Jose Francisco Rodrigues) of the book "The Mathematics of Darwin's Legacy" (Springer, 2011).

Fabio Chalub,
6 Sep 2017, 09:50