Welcome to my home page! I am Assistant professor in Economic Policy (SECS-P02) at the 
Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Aziendali of the University of Cagliari.

I am also Researcher at CRENoS (Center for North South Economic Research) based in Cagliari and Sassari.

From February to June 2018 I am Visiting Professor at the Department of Fonaments de l'Analisi Economica of the Univerisitat Autònoma de Barcelona

My current research interests are in Macroeconomics (growth, human Capital, labor supply, inequality and structural change), Spatial Economics (firms' and workers' location choices) and Political Economy (selection of politicians)

  • (NEW Version! March 2018) The Role of Gender in Employment Polarization (2016), CMF Discussion Paper 2017-04 (pdf under review) with Alessio Moro and Michelle Petersen Rendall (slides)
  • Insularity and the Development of a Local Network: a Simulation Model applied to the Italian Railway System (2015), CRENoS Working Paper 15-22 (pdf under review) (with Luisanna Cocco, Katiuscia Mannaro, Michele Marchesi e Francesco Pigliaru)
  • Is Insularity a locational disadvantage? Insights from the New Economic Geography (2015), CRENoS Working Paper 15-21 (pdf)
  • Reward from Public Office and Selections of Politicians by Parties (2017), European Journal of Political Economy), 47, 1-18 (published version) (Updated wp) (with Luca Deidda)
  • Catch me if you learn: Development-specific Education and Economic GrowthMacroeconomic Dynamics (In press) (with Fabio Manca) (First view) (pdf 2015 version)
  • Is Agglomeration really good for growth? Global efficiency, interregional equity and uneven growth
    (2014), Journal of Urban Economics, 84(3), 9-22 (published version) (updated wp) (with Francesco Mureddu)