Doom 3 on GZDoom
A project by Fabio914

Play Doom 3 on your old PC without slowness!


Doom 3 on GZDoom is a wad pack (under development) that will be a ID´s Doom 3 conversion for GZDoom. The objective of this project is to create a version of Doom 3 that can be easily played on an old computer that supports Open-GL. This project will be released by steps , when a map is complete we will release it (but first we will make a general wad , with PDA lumps , Weapons , Global ACS lumps and Sprites then you´ll be able to load this wad with any D3onGZD map wad).

ATTENTION: If you can´t see these images that´s why the site is having too much access. Wait then try opening the site again.



> 3/29/2009 < - Mauricio is still working on a map (alpha labs 3). In fact he still doesn´t knows if he will finish this map or if he will release this map. You can view a screenshot of this map in this link.

> 2/24/2009 < - Well , I don´t think that this project will be released so soon. Now we are no longer working on it. I´m now studying Computer Science at University of São Paulo (USP) and Mauricio is working on other projects. I´m also working (in my spare time) in a project called The Core , that is a simple First Person Shooter game engine. So , if you really liked this project I think you should try DarkLOS (that will be released soon).

> 11/13/2008 < - The project is paused! Mauricio is working on another project called DarkLOS ( ). I (fabio914) am studying for Vestibular tests (tests that you need to do in order to enter in an university in Brazil) , so we are not working on the project , but this doesn´t mean that the project won´t be released , we want to release a "demo" version of it (without using ID´s textures).

OBS.: Some stuff created for this project is available in the DarkLOS project.

> 8/9/2008 < - The project is still under development but we won´t release it to the public because of ID´s textures and models. We are developing a compilation with the Doom 3 Demo version  maps , weapons , models and textures , we will release it only for the beta testers and for the people who helped us with this project (this new compilation will have some new features like Multiplayer mode and a new locker system).

As our forum is out of use , I locked it. If you have something important to post , you can still post here.

> 7/24/2008 < - The project is now paused until we try to continue it without publishing ID´s textures and models. Maybe we will need to re-create it to make it use local Doom 3 files , then only who owns original Doom 3 would be able to play it (because we can´t distribute these textures , so , only who already owns these textures , by buying Doom 3 , can play this mod).

> 7/20/2008 < - D3onGZD´s Multiplayer Engine is finally working! Now players will be able to play in Coop , Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch game modes.

> 7/19/2008 < - After some days of work , Rocks announces D3onGZD Beta v.0.1 .

> 6/22/2008 < - Due to some modifications on the engine of the last version of GZDoom (1.1.4) , D3onGZD is no longer compatible with newer GZDoom versions , please consider downloading version 1.1 or 1.1.2 of GZDoom if you want to run D3onGZD.

> 6/15/2008 < - Doom 3 on GZDoom first trailer is now available!

> 6/6/2008 < - DPG Team released Doom 3 mod that is the weapon mod that will be part of Doom 3 on GZDoom. You can download it here .

> 5/31/2008 < - D3onGZD release dates!

End of July > Closed release of D3onGZD Alpha 2 (for beta testers)

August > Public release of D3onGZD Alpha 2

September > Public release of Pack One (Launcher + general wads)

After September you´ll be able to download the new maps of D3onGZD trough the Launcher.

> 5/8/2008 < - Doom 4 on GZDoom ( D4onGZD ) will start being developed as soon as Doom 4 is released by ID Software.

> 5/2/2008 < - D3onGZD Alpha II is now under development. (see our forum for further info)

> 4/24/2008 < - D3onGZD Alpha I (see video) was released for beta testers.

> 4/20/2008 < - D3onGZD Alpha Video available!

> 3/25/2008 < - New engine version under development! (version : 0.7)

> 3/23/2008 < - Update Patch for Tech Demo 3 available! Download now! 

> 3/21/2008 < - Lets say welcome to the new members of the team! det0nator and sykesccorp !

> 3/3/2008 < - Doom 3 on GZDoom Launcher is almost done! As soon as possible we´ll be releasing a pack (called Pack One) with D3onGZD wads , GZDoom , Launcher and FreeDoom. Multiplayer version of D3onGZD won´t be available on this pack (multiplayer mode is still under development and the multiplayer laucher isn´t ready yet).

> 3/2/2008 < - D3onGZD new logo created by Fernando Perez!

> 2/24/2008 < - Doom 3 on GZDoom Tech Demo 3 released! Click here to download it. You must have Doom 2 and GZDoom 1.1 on your computer , If you don´t have them then click here to download (this pack doesn´t contain Doom 2 , it contains freedoom).


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 - HD Doom 3 textures (NO resize)

 - Fabio´s Apocalipse ACS engine (features PDA , localization system and "talk")

 - Rocks´ Door Lock Script

 - Doom 3 Maps converted into Classic Doom maps  (with 3D-floors , ACS and GZDoom effects)

 - Doom 3 Models (converted into md2) 

Development Team

Project Leader

Mauricio Rocks  

Project Co-Leader

Fabio 914


Fernando Perez

Launcher development team

Fernando Perez

Mauricio Rocks

Fabio914 (multiplayer launcher | a.k.a Doom ARENA)



Mauricio Rocks

Logan MTM




Mauricio Rocks

Space Marine 

3D modeling additional assistance



Additional assistance


Additional development

DPG Team (weapons)

Want to join the team?

3D Animator

 To join the team as a 3D animator you must know work with:

 - 3D models (md5 and obj formats)

Level Designer

To join the team as a level designer you must know work with: 

 - 3D floors

 - ACS Script

 - GZDoom Light Effects

If you meet this qualifications and want to join the development team , please send an e-mail to


Looking for more screenshots? Click here !

Doom 3 on GZDoom Launcher

Doom 3 on GZDoom Tech Demo 3

Doom 3 on GZDoom Alpha II (under development)

Doom 3 on GZDoom Alpha

 Doom 3 on GZDoom


D3onGZD Alpha Video (v.0.7A)

D3onGZD Monsters Video

D3onGZD First Trailer

D3onGZD running on EEE PC 900

D3onGZD BETA v.0.1

D3onGZD Alpha II (under development)

Percentage Complete

Global System Scripts (PDA, HUD , ...) - 90%

ACS Base Scripts (Lock , Localization , Health , O2 , Effects, ...) - 90%

DECORATE script - 60% 

Md5 to Md2 models conversion - 15%

Textures - 60%

Maps - 0,1%

Project - 20%

Game version changelog


0.6I (Tech Demo 3 Update Patch)


 - Script 553 bug fixed. (by 914)

Status Stable


0.7A (Alpha 1)


 - New localization system. (by Rocks) (note that the new localization system is not available on the Alpha version , we´re still testing it)

 - New O2 damage. (by 914 || suggested by sykesccorp)

 - Adaptations on Radio script (by 914)

Status  Stable

Under development

0.7B (pre Alpha 2)

Changelog Preview (it can be changed)

 - "New Skema" PDA system implemented to PDA script ("New Skema" by Rocks || implementation by 914) 

 - More HUD features. (by 914) 

Minimal System Requeriments

CPU: Intel Pentium 2 or AMD-K6 300mhz (minimal) | Intel Pentium 3 or AMD Athlon 1ghz (recommended)

RAM: 32MB (minimal) | 64MB (recommended)

GPU: 8MB with Open-GL support (minimal) | 16MB with Open-GL support (recommended)

HD: 200MB of available of Disc Space (it can be installed on a Pen-drive) 

OS: 32bit Windows 98/98 SE/2000/ME or 32bit-64bit Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008  or  Linux  (Kernel 2.4/2.6)

Software: GZDoom 1.0.32 , 1.1 or (only works 100% on these versions) and Doom 2 1.9 Iwad

ATTENTION: Every Doom 3 on GZDoom wad is being tested on a AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ (2x 2.6ghz) , 2GB of RAM , with nVidia GeForce 8600 GT 650mhz 256mb , running Windows XP x64. So I don´t know how it would run on old PCs , probably this specs aren´t good enough to run D3onGZD.


  - Doom 3 on GZDoom Software (everything you need to get D3onGZD running on Windows [FreeDoom + GZDoom]) : Download (RAR)

 - Doom 3 on GZDoom : Alpha I (only beta testers and members can download this) : Download (RAR)

 - Doom 3 on GZDoom : Alpha II : under development

 - Doom 3 on GZDoom : Beta Resource v.0.1 (only members can download this) : Download (RAR) [password required]

  - Doom 3 on GZDoom : Pack One for Windows (includes Launcher , GZDoom 1.1 , FreeDoom , Doom 3 on GZDoom wads) : under development

  - Doom 3 on GZDoom : Pack One for Ubuntu [Linux] (includes GZDoom 1.1 , FreeDoom , Doom 3 on GZDoom wads) : under development


Fabio914 (lead programmer) :

Mauricio Rocks (project leader) :


DRD Team