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 Egg Design  on laser cutter

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About Fab Lab

Fabrication Laboratory (FAB LAB) is the best part of Vigyan Ashram. Out of the six Fablabs in the world, Ghana, Norway, Boston, Costa Rica and Bithoor(Uttar Pradesh, India), the sixth is in this small village about 80 km from Pune, known particularly as the typical vegetable-selling-village of the state! Little does the world outside know, this small village named Pabal, known for its own historical importance, is not only a true replica of any other village in the country, but also breeding technology to the fullest. The Fab lab is a testimony to this fact.

Fab labs all across the globe are installed by Center of Bits and Atoms of Masssachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT), USA.

Fab lab is basically a collection of set of computerized high-tech tools, which can be used to fabricate instruments of any utility and configuration. A place that empowers you to make almost anything!