FAA  SERVICES  & TRAINING  (  PT.  LAKSANATAMA TIARA FAJARINDO  -   DIVISI   CONSULTING  &  TRAINING  )    is   a  regional     information     technology      services   company     with diversivied     IT   services,   the   company   was    originated      in  construction    infrastructures   combined   with   IT  olutions,   while presently focus in delivering a vast stream of IT services.

Serving regional  client base, LTF  delivers hi-tech transactional services, consulting and technology services, systems integration and managed services. With its deep technology expertise and industry knowledge, it works with clients across the following market sectors: Manufacturing, Retail, Services; Public, Health & Transports; Financial Services; Telecoms, Media andTechnology; Energy and Utilities. 

Our Vision

LTF holds strong commitment to accomplish competitive business endeavours leading towards continous growing business results.

Our Mission  

1.      To participate in the development and accomplishment in  
        industrial services as related with information technology 
2.      Providing services to customers in a better quality of deli - 
        verables, more competitive and mutually benefitial
3.      Alligning the business  growth rate of in the pursuance of 
        achieving continuity of business endeavours and the re -
        sults by allocating competent staffs as precious compa - 
        ny’s asset
4.     Supporting and materializing shareholders objectives and 

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