SDSU MA in Education: Post-secondary Educational Leadership

 The Master of Arts degree in education with a concentration in educational leadership and a specialization in post-secondary education is intended for students pursuing leadership positions in postsecondary education, foreign school administrators, administrators of educational programs in private industry, civil service, or the nonprofit sector, administrators of technical and vocational programs or school-to-work programs, or those who have other administrative objectives in educational community and government fields.

Fa'amao O'Brien Asalele Jr. 



Talofa!! Welcome to my e-portfolio. 
San Diego State University


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Under the navigation section on the left side contain links to core courses in the M.A program. Please click on each course link to view information and assignments that I have completed in this program and that I am very proud of.

Talofa! I am currently employed with the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (AS-EPA) as the Assistant Director of Technical Programs. I have been employed with AS-EPA for almost 15 years. In the many years with AS-EPA, I was blessed to serve under some great leaders that groomed and mentored me in the environmental world. As a young Samoan, this was a learning experience of a life time in my professional career. In my capacity as an Assistant Director, I am encouraged by my past experiences to promote a healthy professional environment to help everyone regardless of position and title the opportunity succeed and excel.

After receiving my undergraduate degree from Chadron State College, Nebraska, I returned home and taught for two years at Leone High School. This was a very rewarding experience for me as I had the opportunity to not only be a teacher but also to make a positive difference in the lives of of many young Samoans.

Furthermore, I am currently a soldier in the United States Army Reserve. Throughout my military career, I was able to travel the world and see the world through my own eyes. Some of my traveling included two deployments to Iraq. Both deployments were humbling experiences as I have never witnessed anything as such to date. Although I am grateful to return back home alive from both deployments, but more importantly I am also grateful to have fought protect the United States values, beliefs, ideals, liberty and our freedom.

My parents have always pushed me to further my education. This has been a lifelong dream of mine. My decision to join the Masters Program is to further my education and inspire others to do the same. Unfortunately, my Mother has passed on and I dedicate my journey to a Masters Degree in her memory.


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