Introduction to Digital Media II - Video and Sound (FA 333 // 3 credits)

Fall 2016 / Fine Arts Bldg. Room 7086

Mon/Wed/Fri … 3:10 - 4:50PM

Instructor: Jamin Kuhn

Office: 7027 (hours by appointment)


Course Objectives

- An improved understanding of time as a functional element in art and art making

- Utilizing video and audio editing software (Adobe) as well as video and audio recording equipment

- Practices that challenge your understanding of what art can be (experimentation)

- Evidence of critical thought and individual expression seen in projects

- Participation in individual/group critique sessions and the exchange of constructive feedback

Classtime will involve viewing and discussing artwork and artists who work with video/audio, application demos and technical instruction, work time for projects, and the critique of student work.

Time spent outside of class (homework) WILL include independent research and work time for projects (reading assignments may also be assigned). While we will be improving our knowledge of recording equipment and editing software, your theoretical and conceptual development in art making is just as important.


You are allowed 3 unexcused absences throughout the semester. All additional absences will negatively affect your grade. Arriving to class late and leaving class early will also affect your attendance and final grade.

Excused absences include illnesses and emergencies. Please email me prior to your being absent.


- USB hard drive or thumbdrive for the storage and backup of files

- Access to Digital video camera and audio recorder (limited supply in Fine Arts)

- Headphones (while editing as to not annoy your neighbors)

Video files tend to eat up a lot of space so consider purchasing a large external hard drive. The Academic Media Services ( offers audio and video recording equipment to WSU students. Feel free to take advantage of this resource.


Participation 20%

Projects         60%

Final Project 20%

A = 93-100%, A- = 90-92%,

B+ = 87-89%, B = 83-86%, B- = 80-82%,

C+ = 77-79%, C = 73-76%, C- = 70-72%,

D+ = 67-69%, D = 63-66%, D- = 60-62%,

F = 0-59%


It’s important that you not only attend class, but actively participate during in-class exercises, projects, discussions, peer interaction/collaboration and critiques.


Your projects will only receive full credit when turned in on the due date and discussed during critique. Points will be reduced from projects for each day they are late.

Successful projects will prove excellent use of materials along with creative and fully investigated concepts, while promoting heightened motivation and interest.

Unsuccessful projects will be rushed, unthoughtful, and poorly executed, showing little to no signs of interest or progression.


This is a shared classroom. You can and should save your work to these computers, however you should also BACKUP ALL OF YOUR WORK. I am not responsible for your files. This lab will be available to you outside of class in order to work on projects (Times and access TBA).

Turning in work

All Projects will be collected onto the instructor computer “Hill” on our class account/login (fa333). There are 2 ways to accomplish this:

Over the network:

Go/Network/Hill/Connect as “fa333”/fa333/Desktop/Project folder

From a classroom computer, select “Go” and then “Network”, then select the computer “Hill”. Click “Connect as” and login to our class account. Select the folder “fa333” and then “Desktop”. Copy your project into the appropriate project folder and then “Disconnect”.

With a thumbdrive:

You can also login into our class account directly onto “Hill” manually to copy your files with an external hard drive.

Academic Honesty

WSU is committed to principles of truth and academic honesty. Academic dishonesty includes cheating, plagiarism, and fabrication in the process of academic work, and can result in suspension or dismissal from the university. In this class, academic dishonesty will result in failure of the course and will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct. See for more information.

Students with Disabilities

Reasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. Please visit the Disability Resource Center (DRC) during the first two weeks of every semester to seek information or to qualify for accommodations. All accommodations MUST be approved through the DRC (Admin Annex Bldg, Rooms 205). Call 509 335 3417 to make an appointment with a disability counselor.

Safety at WSU

The University has developed a resource in support of our commitment to the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors.  Please visit this website for more information.