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 After numerous comments and suggestions, an issue of the groups name has come to light. Many have commented
that the "F1" part of the name is restricting others from joining, assuming it's a F1 only/ dominant group, which it
clearly isn't.

There is even now a F2 correspondent on board - thanks Rachel.

So - What do you all think about re naming the group to lose the F1 implication and encourage growth from the F2 /
 V8 / Mini world?????

And what name would you like to replace F1OSA ???? 

ORSA - Oval Racing Association

BOSA - Brisca Oval Supporters Association

BSA - Brisca Supporters Association

BSSA - British Stock car Supporters Association :-

Have been suggested. 

Your views please.

YouTube Video

video clip courtesy of "Scoffian" and F1Stockcars.com
F(1).O.S.A (Formula 1 Oval Supporters Association) will seek to work for a
 consensus of common ground between BriSCA and Promotions to develop, in a
constructive and positive way, the development of BriSCA racing throughout the whole of
 the UK and Europe in consultation with all governing bodies for the benefit of all and
without bias. To build and campaign for a membership that is based on fellowship and
 friendship within the BriSCA family of the stock car racing community, incorporating a
social and fund-raising framework for the benefit of both supporters and governing
To join simply E-Mail f1osafans@aol.com
Or visit our facebook page
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