University Challenge

The principle of the F1 Hoverpod Racing (University Challenge) event, is to build a Team Spirit founded on the pride and honor of the Universities at stake.

The core values are to build a Team, work hard as a group and build a disciplined and spirited approach to Racing in the event. The Teams can attract private interest and Sponsorship to your individual team and be expected to work hard within the friendly and fun environment in which the event was created and designed to achieve.

Despite the huge interest shown by the Universities to take up the challenge and partake in the event, we may have to restrict the entrants to 12 Teams for the first event. 

In this instance, we are trying to create equal representation from all the Countries making up the British Isles and it is proposed to stage 2 race events. The first event being a group Race where all the players accumulate points for their Country and the second Race is the individual event where it is all about your team becoming the outright winner.

F1 Hoverpod Racing is presently in negotiation with several interested parties who are interested in Sponsoring the event. The Management team at F1 Hoverpod Racing have agreed an unique Insurance Product to cover the event and information can be provided by sending an e-mail to Admin and requesting details of the terms & conditions of the product.

It has been suggested that supporters and Sponsors of the event, be offered a unique opportunity to not only work with the Team of their choice but be able to assist in technical and financial support towards assuring their Team has the best and most realistic opportunity to achieve a result in the event. As a means of a thank you from the organizers of the Race for the support shown toward making the day a special one, we will be offering the Sponsors the chance to bring along an exhibition stand to the event to display their services and products to interested parties.

Sponsors of the event will be encouraged to invite colleagues, Business contacts, friends and family as VIPs with all areas access, in which to to discuss their association and input to the Project and hopefully encourage the promotion of their own Business products. All interested parties wishing to display their service and products are asked to contact enquiries for information.

There has been much interest in the University Race from some students wishing to know more about the challenge and where the 2010 venue might be staged. The Team at F1 Hoverpod Ltd are seeking your suggestions for both location of race and new teams and as such we ask that if you are interested in partaking in the event to which is probably the most testing and exciting event of it's kind anywhere in the world today, please drop us a line by e-mail at


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For information relating to the University Challenge Race Event, please feel free to contact F1 Hoverpod Racing Ltd either by e-mail or alternatively by Post to:

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