The EZ Smart Guide System (by EurekaZone) is much more than the best guide available for your circular saw.  It has many unique features that allow for versatility that is unseen in other woodworking tools on the market today.  The list of tasks that can be accomplished quickly, safely and accurately, is limited only by the user's imagination.  The imagination of the users has been employed by EurekaZone to create new components and to improve existing ones.  We EZ Smart users think that this is unique in the corporate world of today, and is a big factor in our enthusiasm for the products.

Many of us were attracted EZ Smart by Dino Makropoulos', EurekaZone's founder, Dead Wood Concept of woodworking:

"Everyone has had a few close calls working with wood. We become complacent. We relax. We try to work with the tool in an unsafe manner, and we know it. Many things happen when we work with wood. Some of these things can scar us for life."

"We have these thoughts as we look for ways to make this occupation and hobby safer. The idea we have embraced is the 'Dead Wood Concept'. We have sought to design a system of tools and accessories which will keep the wood dead still in place as we cut, bore, plane, rout, etc. First we eliminate the opportunity for the wood to become a projectile. Next, we position the power tools in such a way that hands and fingers stay clear of the tool path. Then the path of the power tool is always going away from the body guided in the track of the rail."

"This concept of securing the work piece is widely used. By labeling it the 'Dead Wood Concept', we are just calling attention to our desire to make woodworking safer and more enjoyable. We like designing 'Smart Tools for Smart People'."

(Quoted from the EurekaZone web site.)

A brief video introduction to the basic EZ Smart System is a good place to start. 

Introduction to the Basic Components

EZ PBB tvs. Table Saw

  Also check out EZ-101.